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Data shows that 20% of warehouses use robotics. The need for automation in robotics is inevitable because it addresses several challenges, like labour shortages. By optimizing automation, warehouses

Are you considering getting a home robot in 2023? With the advancements in technology, the options for home robots have never been better. From robot vacuum cleaners to

After a tumultuous career, is Amanda Bynes really back in Hollywood for good? Look back at the Nickelodeon star's biggest roles and see where is is now.

The car industry is growing more advanced with each passing day. Learn about the robots being used to work on cars here.

Movies have explored evolving ideas of AI and Data Science. Check out some of the best movies on AI for those pursuing an MS in Data Science.

If aliens are real, they would have to incredibly smart to make it to Earth in their UFOs. Learn about what top scientists think about aliens.

It's as if we are living in one of those sci-fi movies. Here are some real life robots that act as assistants in your home. Here's what we