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Did the members of Rammstein really groom their fans for sex? Take a look at the newest headlines around the music world!

After rape claims and disturbing leaked DMs, Armie Hammer separated from his wife and went to rehab. With his treatment over, will he reunite with his wife?

Ghislaine Maxwell's trial has finally begun and the first of four accusers has testified. Read the disturbing details from the alleged victim's testimony.

The death of Natalie Wood has always been a mystery. However, it's now been claimed that Wood was once sexually assaulted by Kirk Douglas. Did he kill her?

Are TV shows like 'Scandal' really doing justice for rape survivors? Check out our guide on what shows have done right and what they got wrong here.

Director Kellee Terrell tackles the subject of rape and the danger of ignoring its effects with her powerful new short film Blame. The 15-minute piece is about a young