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Exploring hookup culture in 'Rotting in the Sun' – a must-watch film. Dive into the nuances of modern relationships and dating dynamics

For ten years, the Edinburgh Short Film Festival has been showcasing the best shorts of filmmakers around the world. Here's what we know.

Thanks to the rise of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, SVOD services have seen a sharp uptick. Here are just a few of the new streamers on offer.

This last week has seen online streaming services adopt some very questionable marketing tactics. Now the future of television and film distribution seems intent on following the groundwork

We’re only into week two of 2018 and already the scandals are rolling in, the most notable being a fresh batch of sexual misconduct allegations delivered to James

The cinematic streaming platform MUBI has curated another 30 days of special films and collections of renowned directors and fresh faces from across the globe. This month’s highlights include