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There is plenty an unfunny video on YouTube that is trending, while the funniest remains undiscovered. Get ready to laugh and dive into some of them here!

Lorde won't be performing at this year's MTV VMAs award show. Pop open the story and see why we'll miss her, and who will take her place on

The MTV VMA awards is one of the biggest events in music each year, so which of your favorite artists can you expect to see? Find out all

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Lord makes her long-awaited return by dropping some upcoming dates for concerts. Prepare yourself to be powered by "Solar Power".

Lorde's new sequel "Solar Power" has leaked, but the track is straight fire. Listen to the song and find where you can stream it.

Super model, Stephanie Seymour just lost the apple of her eye. Take a look at Harry Brant's life and how he changed the modelling game forever.