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Watch as Joslyn Rose Lyons makes her directorial debut with 'Shadowbox'. How did she start? Get into her past work and learn more about her newest project!

Joslyn Rose Lyons was invited by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Learn more about the director here.

'Looking Glass' is the new film by director Joslyn Rose Lyons. Learn more about Lyons and the new short here.

Joslyn Rose Lyons is the director of the new film 'Looking Glass'. Learn about Lyons and her creative process here.

Get to know the award winning filmmaker Joslyn Rose Lyons, she opens up about her inspirations and career.

The new short film 'Blind Faith' starring Courtney Townsend is a Western that tells the story of the wives of cowboys.

Joslyn Rose Lyons's short film 'Looking Glass' is an experimental short film exploring the concepts of dream, fear, time, and more.