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Oh, France! Your president just got slapped in the face! Grab your most political beret and find out what the French Prime Minister said in response.

Why are England and France suddenly becoming forerunners in the UEFA? Check out different leagues' standings in 2021 and see who could come out ahead.

A 13-year-old girl was charged with slander after admitting she lied in the days leading up to Samuel Paty's death. Learn more about this true crime case.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the former President of France has been sentenced to prison. Find out what crimes Sarkozy has been found guilty of here.

What's the current age of consent in France? If you guessed "there's none", you are correct! Find out what the French are doing to remedy this.

Freedom fries are trending on Twitter! Grab some ketchup (or mayo, no judgment here) and reminisce about the weirdest U.S. Congress flex!

Google is in a fight with Australia over paying fees to publishers. Will Bing step in to fill the void?

Ever journeyed to a foreign five-class restaurant? Well after lockdown you can! Check out the Michelin star restaurants waiting for your arrival.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of England assures trade partners the new COVID strain will not affect food shipments. Here's what we know.