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A fishing cooler is a specialized cooler that is designed to keep your catch and other perishable items, such as food and drinks, cold

In this region, fishing locations are as important as having the proper skills and equipment. Check out some of the top five fishing locations in the UK.

Fishing is a very old tradition that was a source of food for many civilizations. Have fishing traditions really changed?

If you do not know what to do this autumn, every single one of the hobbies we discussed today is a good option for you.

From eco-friendly bait to recycling, being environmentally friendly while fishing just got a lot easier with these six tips from Mitchel Zelman!

Are you looking for fishing accessories for your kayak? Dive into the details of the best accessories to make fishing easy!

Dubai deep sea fishing is a wildly fun activity. Here are some tips on where to go for the best fishing experience.

Exactly how many deaths have there been from the fisherman of 'Deadliest Catch'? Remember all the unfortunate lives lost after participating in this reality fishing show.