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Legion M is a production company, a movie studio, and a multimedia entertainment company, but all funded by fans.

Legion M’s most recent buzzworthy project is 'Bad Samaritan', produced and directed by Dean Devlin and starring the one and only David Tennant as a maniacal villain. In

Hailed as the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company, founders Paul Scanlan & Jeff Annison launched Legion M in 2016 to offer filmmakers an all-in-one production company fully funded

There’s little doubt about it: 2017 was packed full of blockbusters and tentpole flicks, from Disney’s epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Wonder Woman, the trailblazing superhero

At a time when all of Hollywood is clamoring for attention in the awards season, and distributors are swarming at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to pick up

All These Sleepless Nights Michal Marczak, so far best known for his 2012 film Fuck for Forest, has created an enticing excursion led by two Polish millennials males. Creating