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Sandrine Charruyer & Sophie Lepowic outline the climate crisis in Australia with 'Inferno Without Borders'. Get inspired to get involved in the fight.

In an interview with Newscast, Prince William announced a new campaign to aid environmental crises. Meanwhile, he also shared his opinion on space tourism.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a country like Antarctica? Diamond dusts flow in their winds! But what's going on with this

Are current storms already bigger than last year's? Discover why experts are predicting this year's hurricane season will be worse than usual.

After shutting down heat & electricity in vulnerable areas during record-breaking freezing temperatures, ERCOT is now being sued. Read about the case here.

'VAKA' is a documentary short directed by Kelly Moneymaker. Discover what the short has to say about climate change and the Tokelauan people.

Want a drawing done by Jason Mamoa himself? Bid on this charity auction which will benefit climate change and reforestation organizations.

It’s easy to spot why Joe Biden would pick John Kerry for a climate-change-related leadership role. What's the latest news?

Is the famous doomsday clock really inching closer to midnight? Discover the new doomsday numbers on the New York Metronome Clock.