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Katherine Knight seemed like your ordinary Australian housewife, until it turned out the meal she cooked included mystery meat: her own boyfriend.

It's bad enough if cannibals attack unwilling participants. But Armin Meiwes had a willing participant that he murdered and ate.

It may seem like this is ancient history, but cannibal tribes are still roaming the planet as we speak. The Korowai are still practicing cannibalism today.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah has been a terrorizing kidnapper since childhood, but managed to evade police capture and escape to another state to strike there.

Mikhail Popkov was supposed to be just a police lieutenant. But his hatred for women ended up turning him in to a murderous cannibal cop.

Arthur Shawcross seemed like your run of the mill serial killer, but after he was sentenced to jail, the truth of his crimes came to light.

You may know Luka Magnotta's name thanks to the Netflix series 'Don't F*** With Cats'. But Luka Magnotta is much darker than just an animal abuser.