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Here’s our ranking of 17 of the best films dubbed “the scariest film ever made” upon their release.

What better way to prepare for Zombie Awareness Month than watching every single great zombie movie to sharpen up on your slaughtering skills?

Pour yourself a tall glass of something sassy because this is a goddamn celebration – 'Vida' has been renewed for S2 at Starz and we couldn’t be happier.

Luca Guadagnino’s highly anticipated remake of 'Suspiria' will drop on November 2. If you need to swot up on your exploitation movies in the lead up to the

Stay Up All Night, taking place on May 10, is designed to raise awareness of all those heroes among us who have to work night shifts. In celebration,

In case you’re wrapped up with whatever project you’re currently involved in or you got stuck in the classic Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime loop, here’s a

As we continue to speculate upon just what ghoulish, greedy stories Hawley has up his sleeve for us in season four, here are eleven of the most WTF