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INSIDE MAN Directed By Danny A. Abeckaser Continues To Trend On Itunes And Digital Platforms

The buzzed-about independent feature film INSIDE MAN (formerly known as Gemini Lounge in our previous articles) directed by Danny A. Abeckaser is currently climbing the charts, currently in the top twenty on ITUNES and trending on Amazon, having debuted August 11th.  
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The film, a crime drama based on the true story of gangster Roy DeMeo and The Gemini Method, directed by and co-starring Danny A. Abeckaser, stars Lucy Hale, Emile Hirsch, Jake Cannavale, Vincent Laresca, Ashley Greene, Kyle Stefanski, Greg Finley and Robert Davi. 
Currently in select theatres, the movie debuted August 11 after much hype, the newest feature crime drama directed by Danny A. Abeckaser following hits like Mob Town (David Arquette, Jennifer Esposito, Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and I Love Us (Katie Cassidy, Robert Davi, Jackie Cruz).
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The film is produced as a joined venture between 2B Films and Wild7Films.
Film Overview: Based on true events, a disgraced police detective (Hirsch) seeks redemption by going undercover to expose a violent crime syndicate. As he sinks deeper into the mob, the price for absolution may be higher than he can afford.
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Amidst the buzz surrounding ‘Is Fiction Real Or Fake,’ INSIDE MAN, directed by Danny A. Abeckaser, beautifully blurs the lines between reality and storytelling. Based on the true story of gangster Roy DeMeo and The Gemini Method, this crime drama, starring Lucy Hale and Emile Hirsch, keeps audiences questioning the very essence of fiction and reality. Currently making waves on ITUNES and other digital platforms, it’s a compelling exploration of this age-old conundrum.
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