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Balistic Man makes an appearance in new film “The Puppetman”

Buffalo NY’s own rapper/ actor James Anthony Melendez aka Balistic Man made a cameo in the new Shudder film “The Puppetman”. The film is directed by Brandon Christensen & is released through the major Horror film distributor Shudder.

The Puppetman who is a convicted killer on death row maintains his innocence saying it was evil who took over his body controlling him & forcing him to slaughter his victims. Now his daughter, Michal, suspects there may be some truth to her father’s claim when people close to her start to die in brutal ways. All hope rests on her shoulder to break The Puppetmans curse.

Balistic Man makes his cameo as a police officer who arrives to a crime scene where he sees a horrific murder has just taken place. Thats when he runs into Michal!

Well let you watch the film to finds out what happens next! “The Puppetman” stars the amazing cast of Michael Paré (Detective Al), Alyson Gorske (Michal), Caryn Richman, Angel Prater, Jayson Therrien, Zachary Le Vey, Anna Telfer, Cameron Wong, Kio Cyr, Curtis Arny, Joshua Cole, Sean C. Sanders, Natalie Meetze & many more!

Make sure to check for Balistic Man in “The Puppetman” out now!

Also be sure to check for Balistic Man’s new single “SUAVE” out on all platforms now!

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