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7 Swiss Movies You Absolutely Must See in 2023

As someone who has been in Switzerland and has been writing for The Swiss Observer, I am an expert on all things Swiss, especially Swiss movies (just kidding). Here are the best 7 Swiss movies from all time that you absolutely, positively must see or you’ll miss out on an essential part of Swiss culture:

Journey of Hope (1990)

The story of a poor Turkish family who try to emigrate illegally to Switzerland. It follows their difficult journey as they face challenges crossing borders and traversing the Alps. Ultimately a story about the immigrant experience and the lengths people will go to seek a better life.

Die Schweizermacher (1978)

A classic Swiss comedy film that satirizes the Swiss citizenship process. It follows two bureaucrats who investigate foreigners applying for citizenship, poking fun at nationalism and prejudice. Considered one of the most successful Swiss films.

Mein Name ist Eugen (2005)

A Swiss coming-of-age adventure film about four boys going on a quest to find a lost treasure, based on the popular children’s book. Lighthearted and charming, it provides a window into Swiss culture.

Die Reise der Hoffnung (1990)

The original German title for “Journey of Hope,” this Oscar-winning film tells the story of a Turkish family seeking a better life in Switzerland. It sheds light on the immigrant experience in Europe.

Les Faiseurs de Suisses (1978)

The original French title for “The Swissmakers,” this classic satirical comedy takes a comedic look at the Swiss citizenship process and pokes fun at nationalism and xenophobia.

Strähl (2013)

A Swiss crime drama about drugs, crime, and police in Zurich. Provides an interesting look at the city’s underbelly and sheds light on contemporary issues.

Image Problem (2004)

Swiss documentary exploring some of the country’s controversial activities, like banking secrecy and arms dealing. Provides critical commentary on national myths and ideals.

Wolkenbruch (2018)

A recent Swiss coming-of-age romantic comedy about a young Orthodox Jew navigating between his community and secular society. Touching on issues of identity and tradition.

Antigang (2015)

A French-Swiss crime film about an elite police squad taking down a gang of violent jewel thieves. Provides action as well as commentary on police tactics and ethics.

Platzspitzbaby (2020)

Moving Swiss drama about a woman reflecting on her difficult childhood growing up with a drug-addicted mother at Zurich’s notorious “Needle Park.” Sheds light on the drug crisis of the 1980s and 90s.

So grab some chocolate, breathe in the sound of Swiss cowbells, and get ready to experience the best of Swiss cinema! Let me know which of these Swiss masterpieces is your new favorite. And if you know of any other great recent Swiss movies, please share!

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