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There are tons of fun activities to do during a backpacking trip. Here's a breakdown of the best water sports to try out.

5 water sports to do on your next backpacking trip

Backpacking is one of the most liberating types of travel. Here is a list of water sports that you can do on your next backpacking trip across the globe.

Scuba Diving

A great pursuit which is best done in the company of a certified guide. Diving lessons are a must if you wish to to try scuba diving. You need to be familiar with how to use the equipment, your safety under the water, and also possess knowledge about dealing with water pressure and the effect it has on your body. 

It’s also advisable to get sign-off from your doctor before engaging in scuba diving. There are certain medical conditions that may scupper your chances of diving. These include pregnancy, heart and breathing problems, hay fever, and seasickness. 


When you think of water sports, the best example that comes to mind is surfing. It is hard to think of a simpler yet more thrilling experience than riding waves on a floating device. 

The only equipment necessary is a surfboard which needs some consideration if you are taking up surfing for the first time. There are 2 elements to consider when purchasing a beginner surfboard. Firstly, the material in which the board is made of, and secondly the size of the board.

Three categories of surfboards exist in terms of construction; Fibreglass, Epoxy, and Soft-top boards. Soft top boards are recommended for beginners. Your safety and that of those around you is of key importance, and soft top boards is most conducive to both of these.

Beginners surfers tend to fall a lot, and soft-top boards are advisable due to their softer outer-core making the risk of injury a less likely prospect. To figure out which surf skate is best for you, start by looking at this post by Ombe.

Foam surfboards also ding less, therefore, saving on repair costs that could have been incurred. With the safety and durability that comes with the board you get economical prices as these boards go for as little as 60 dollars on amazon. 

In most cases you’ll be able to rent a soft top surfboard at the surf camp or surf school in whichever country you decide to surf in. Soft top surfboards are now commonplace in almost all surf camps and surf schools around the world including world famous surf destinations like Bali and Hawaii.


A kayak is a narrow boat with one or more cockpits each sitting one or two paddler. The trick is getting accustomed to the double-bladed paddle and rhythm involved in finding a sustainable paddling stroke.

You have to alternate using the left side and right side for each stroke to propel yourself forwards. Kayaks can be used in the sea and also on rivers, lakes and dams. If you are a first time kayaker it’s advisable to team up with a friend, as combined paddle strokes will make you go much faster and involve less effort from each person. A kayak trailer is also advised if you plan on moving around often.

Kayak trips can last anywhere from 1 to 4 or 5 hours, and the half day trips will usually involve bringing a packed lunch and plenty of water. It’s a good idea bring a waterproof daypack with to store your food, water, and other valuables such as phone or a camera

Jet skiing

For the less sporty who still want an exhilarating experience without having to exert too much physical force, then jet skiing is a feasible option. Most beaches will have companies or individuals willing to rent out jet-skis for just a few hours all the way up to day rentals.

The most common type of jetski these days is a brand called Seadoo. These machines are slightly different to the traditional jetskis. With Seadoo’s you sit down while riding them, while on jetski’s you actually stand up.


What better way to end the recommendation list than with a somewhat more extreme challenge. This is the least financially taxing activity, but it is definitely pretty taxing on the mind. It is as easy as finding a cliff with a deep body of water below it. The diving part is the challenge. For many the idea of diving is a little too risky, and so jumping ends up being the order of the day.

Hopefully this guide gives you some great ideas when it comes to cool activities on your next backpacking trip. 

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