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Who is the best sports handicapper? (The Shocking Truth).

When I am asked the same question every season, I tell my clients that there is no such thing as the “best” handicapper on Doc’s Sports website. This is a truthful answer. We have twelve of the most respected handicappers working at our site. There are 12-15 other industry professionals that I trust and respect. Most of these guys I know personally and consider to be friendly competitors. Except for this small group, which is probably around 30 globally, 99 percent of handicappers wouldn’t make it onto our website or any of our trusted competitors websites. Not even close sports handicapper

If you add the men on our website to the top guys who work with the competition, it’s hard for me to say which one is better. Each has their own strengths. They also share some similarities. They all have losing weeks or days, and even rare occasions, a losing month. I am certain that every single one of these 30 handicappers has had a losing season in any sport at some point in their careers. They will all win money over the long-term. Collectively, Doc’s Sports’ handicapping team is the best in the business. We offer the best prices, guarantees, and allow our clients to compare our handicappers so we can win any tiebreakers. 

The title of best handicapper changes every year, just like the title for the NFL player awards. 

Our clients and me as management are most concerned about long-term performance, price and value, customer service, and a guaranteed profit. All of these are covered by us better than any other online sports service. We sell more picks than any other online service, so almost every handicapper wants to join our site. We can be selective about who we hire as handicappers. We get the ‘pick from the litter’, but only a few have made it to the top. 

How can we choose our handicappers? 

It was not easy to find the best handicappers. They must not only be excellent handicappers, but also live and breathe Doc’s values, which have earned us a great reputation within the industry: integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic. Doc’s Sports handicappers must also be able to accurately predict and make picks 365 days a years. They should also be able to publish articles and do radio and video appearances sports handicapper picks

Guarantee and price. 

Our prices and guarantee are unmatched in the industry. We guarantee that you will be profitable if you sign up for one of our weekly, monthly or seasonal packages. If you aren’t, we will extend your account and work until you make a profit. We know of no other service offering the same guarantee. We offer the best prices and will match or beat any other service. 

How do you decide which handicapper to choose? 

We are available to help you by calling or emailing our office. When you begin the season, we will give you access and a trial of several top handicappers so that you can see how they perform. You can then decide which handicapper is best for you. Ask about our 3-for-1 deal to kick off the season. 

We have tons of free content that you can use if you don’t want to buy or set up a free trial. Below is a list with links to our free picks pages for each sport. These pages offer complimentary picks and matchup reports for almost every game. They are updated multiple times a day. 

Since 1971, winning is a tradition. 

We are constantly growing and improving, but it is important that we maintain the family-owned environment and personal service our clients have come to know. We know that communication with an “organization” is not something you want. Instead, you want to speak to someone who is reliable, responsive, and will listen to your needs. We know that a company that depends on word-of mouth advertising must perform at an consistently higher level than other companies. We don’t pursue sales. Doc’s Sports is committed to serving our clients. Roger Staubach said it best: “There are no traffic jams along this extra mile.” 

Learn why people like yourself choose us, and join this elite network. We know that you deserve the best, and we are happy to assist you in this endeavor. These days trust can be hard to find. We earn your trust by being honest and hardworking. Call our office to speak with me. You will receive a $60 credit when you sign up for a free account. You can use the $60 credit as real money to buy any of our premium packages. 

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