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Whilst those in power talk about getting back to a new normal, I take a look in this article at how the sporting industry will cope.

How the Sporting Industry Will Progress Post Covid

The Sporting Scene in Canada Post the Pandemic

We are now all at that point in time when we want things to get back to normal, and as far as the sporting industry goes, that is one market sector that has certainly suffered the most recently.

With sporting events either cancelled or postponed, sports betting in Canada at an all-time low and with sports clubs feeling the pinch, we are all praying things will soon return to normal, if not the entire sporting scene in Canada is going to look completely different when we do finally make it out of the pandemic.

With that in mind I will be taking a look below, at how the sports industry in Canada will have to adapt and change for the short term at least whether we like it or not. 

Will Social Distancing be the Norm at Sport Stadiums 

The Canadian Government has made funds available to sports clubs, however one thing that is worrying many club owners is that even when restrictions are removed regarding spectator sports, many of them may be forced, over the short term at least, to operate at a much reduced capacity.

In fact, recent polls have suggested that many people will be reluctant to visit sport stadiums and anywhere that large groups of people amass, and that in turn will have a negative effect on the income they will generate from ticket sales.

Whether pay to view sporting events will help plug the hole caused by lower stadium capacity remains to be seen, but it is certainly an option many club owners and management teams are investigating as a possible option moving forward. 

Are Face Coverings Here for the Long Term

Whether you like it or not, face coverings are probably going to be with us for quite some time, and that in turn may see you being required and obligated to wear them when attending some sporting events in person.

That may see many people once again choosing not to attend such venues, and once again revenue streams due to that simple fact will be negatively affected for many sport clubs.

There is a desperate need for us all to get back to normality if the sporting industry is to survive and we are going to get back to any sense of normality moving forward, however it is going to be survival of the fittest out there regarding not only sports clubs but all businesses. 

It will be the loyalty and commitment of fans of any sport club that will ultimately determine the long term viability of any club, and as such make sure you do whatever you can do to help them stay in business. 

How Are You Coping?

There is of course going to be some long term effects of the pandemic that are going to have an effect on us all, and if you do need some help and support then there are plenty of organizations across Canada that can offer you just that.

We have all experienced some negative effects of this worldwide pandemic and have found it to be a completely alien place, and with that in mind if you are not coping, I really do urge you to reach out to one of those support groups, as you are not alone, and help is available.

Keeping the faith and understanding that things will soon return to normal is something we have been forced to do, whether we like it or not, and trying to make sense of the situation that we all find ourselves in, through no fault of our own can be extremely difficult for some.

Just keep in mind that great strides are being made regarding vaccination rolls outs, and sooner rather than later things will slowly but surely return to normal, and if you can keep that thought in your mind when you are feeling low, it will certainly help. So, please hang in there as things will get better.

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