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Spanish goalkeeper Sergio Rico suffered a serious accident in Spain, and his life was in serious danger.

The accident suffered by Sergio Rico

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However, this happiness turned into feelings of sadness and worry less than 24 hours later. This was because, on the 28th of May, some scary and worrying news for PSG and football fans as a whole were reported. The best online sports betting can be found only on 1xBet, and the Ligue 1 and other competitions where PSG competes are available.

This information stated that Spanish goalkeeper Sergio Rico, part of the French team at that time, had suffered a serious accident in Spain. As a result of it, his life was in serious danger.

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An extremely unlikely chain of events

The first information regarding the health of Sergio Rico stated that he was in a hospital with a serious head injury. Feel free to find list of bet on, where everybody can also wager on things that goalkeepers do in football matches too.

There were plenty of rumors regarding what exactly happened to him. However, the following sequence of events was later confirmed:

  • Rico was spending time in a countryside house with his family in Spain;
  • a heavy truck passed near his home, which scared some donkeys that were near the area;
  • these donkeys began to run away from the truck, which, in turn, scared a group of horses;
  • these horses also began to run out of control in random directions;
  • unfortunately, one of those horses ran directly in Sergio Rico’s direction;
  • the PSG goalkeeper was hit several times by this horse, with his head taking many of those blows.

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Critical situation

It was reported that one of the things that saved Sergio Rico’s life was that 2 nurses were passing near his location. They immediately approached the Spanish goalkeeper after the situation had passed, and provided first aid. Speaking about goalkeepers, is a place where you can find great wagers on the best players from this position too.

He was immediately taken to a hospital, where he was placed into a coma. It was reported that he spent 5 weeks in the ICU.

Some positive news came in August 2023, 3 months after the incident. After more than 90 days in hospital, Sergio Rico was released. However, it was also stated that he suffered neurological damage, and it was unlikely that he could continue playing professionally. Thankfully, his life was saved. If you want to bet on other things that happen on the football world, you can go to the 1xBet site now.

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