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Save Yourself From Injuries to Have An Outstanding Game Performance

Cricket is a game that needs you to be fit in terms of agility, speed, and strength. You should be aware of your body and the game. And you can have the factors mentioned above only when you practise correctly and for long durations.

A player is always prone to injuries due to external factors like playing ground or speed of cricket ball. Carelessness and breaking playing rules can also cause injuries. We all remember what happened to Philip Hughes in 2014. People generally search for the best bats for hitting, but this is just a single aspect. There is so much more that players should pay attention to. 

Common Injuries In Cricket Game

Cricketers face injuries like strains, sprains, bruising, open wounds, and even fractures in some instances. Strains and sprains are factors that can be avoided with regular practice. Because with regular exercise, you tend to increase the body’s physical capabilities and work on their posture. But players also face injuries like bruises, open wounds, and fractures while fielding and catching. Similarly, batters can also experience sprains or hurt themselves in the worst-case scenario while running between the wickets. Even the leather ball is capable of causing injuries to the batters and the fielders, causing open wounds or fractures in some instances.

Causes Of Injuries And Precautions You Should Take

There are various reasons why injuries are caused during games, and the primary reason which causes muscle strains and sprains in the joints is due to lack of practice. Another big reason is the carelessness of the player and sometimes the administration. Players should never take their health for granted and should be a part of the game only when they know that they are medically fit in all aspects. 

Playing with injuries could deteriorate the conditions, and the player might have to suffer for more extended periods by restricting himself from the games. Sometimes players don’t wear proper protective gear, leading to injuries. 

Also, the administration has a significant role in the smooth commencement of the matches, and they at certain times do not work in the proper clearance or levelling of the ground, which may cause uneven bounce and may lead to injuries.

Closing The Discussion!

Having discussed the injuries and other problems, players should also ensure that they are using the right equipment to save themselves from pain and wounds. If the protective equipment is not of the correct type or size, it may cause injuries, including sprains or strains due to wrong postures. Make sure whatever equipment you are getting for the games, you should get the perfect set of Cricket equipment that doesn’t create any obstruction in any manner and only help you enhance your performance. 

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