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Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury last Sunday was maybe one of the most anticipated fights of 2023! How much did these stars earn?

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: Who made the most money from their fight?

The fight between Jake Paul & Tommy Fury last Sunday was maybe one of the most anticipated ones! But of all the fights, why was this one so important? Well, a lot has to do with Jake Paul’s fame outside of the boxing scene, since he built his fame & fortune through his YouTube channel. Nonetheless, Paul has slowly become a respected figure in the box too!

Jake Paul has also been known as one of the world’s biggest cheerleaders of women’s boxing. For all these reasons, Paul & Fury’s fight was so awaited. A huge international event came out of this, and although the fight wasn’t as positive for Paul since he lost, both parties did great. Also, this fight was very important for both of them in terms of publicity, economic earnings, and obviously, their boxing careers. 

On February 26th, Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul with an eight-round split decision. But don’t feel bad about Jake Paul unless you bet over him. The truth is both fighters will earn millions from this much-hyped fight. But how much money are we talking about? Here’s all you need to know about this thrilling fight that definitely made history in both fighters’ careers!

Boxer’s career after the fight 

When you are a professional sportsman, you learn that you can’t always win and this has nothing to do with how good you are at something. No matter how long you’ve been preparing, a small detail can fail that day or the partner you’re fighting with simply had more energy that day. These examples can be used in life out of the box too so read carefully!

The truth is Jake Paul has shown the world that he knows how to achieve success in all the disciplines he has committed to. Once he beat records on YouTube, Paul made a name in this sports industry by knocking out important former MMA stars as well as ex-NBA players. Yet, this fight represented his first fight with a legitimate pro boxer. Yet, this doesn’t mean Tommy Fury is a better boxer than Paul!

In fact, Jake Paul has stepped on bigger platforms than Fury despite him being more advanced in his profession. Also, let’s keep in mind that Tommy Fury comes from a boxing family, since his brother Tyson is also a boxing professional. Nonetheless, Jake Paul has presented more impressive results than Tommy Fury. For these reasons, we should somehow position these two fighters on the same level.

Before Sunday’s fight, Paul compiled a 6-0 record, although numerous opponents of him are not the best-qualified ones, he had also fought against important MMA stars. Both boxers were highly prepared, yet, is undeniable that Fury was a tougher test for Paul. Both fighters have one foot in social media and the other one in boxing, it is just that the proportions are different. 

Believe it or not, at least in the UK Tommy Fury is more known for his presence at the reality show Love Island than for his boxing career! So the two fighters still have a path to keep following both social media & boxing careers.


Economic earnings 

No matter who lost or won, it was public domain information that both parties would economically benefit from this fight. Not only because they’ll earn some cash but due to all the publicity this fight would provide to both of them. According to Sports Zion Paul’s fight purse was £ 2.6 million and took home 65% in addition to the pay-per-view money from the fight.

Jake Paul’s total prize was revealed in a video posted by him which alleges he earned $30 million, including sponsorship earnings. On the other hand, Fury was reported to receive a £ 1.6 million sum to 35% of the pay-per-view money. This means Fury is expected to have earnt £ 4.5 million. It’s unclear since he won if Fury actually earned more. If you’re good at sports, you might consider making a career out of it!

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