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Get a promo code with high betting bonuses in Pakistan, $100+ bookmaker bonuses in Pakistan.

Promo codes for sports betting in Pakistan with high bonuses

Sports betting and bookmakers’ promo codes

There are lots of sporting activities enthusiasts in Pakistan. While cricket is by far the most beloved sport here, many other disciplines have their own dedicated fans, too. Pakistani like to watch their countrymen compete in squash, field hockey, and polo. But how can you imagine any sports without placing bets? That makes a competition much more interesting, isn’t it?

However, sharia law is strongly opposed to gambling, and you may even get in trouble trying to check any possibilities for betting in Pakistan. While the grounds are mostly religious, you shouldn’t try your luck and break the law. Instead, make stakes online. Different betting sites exist out there, and we’re planning to review the most profitable of them right now.


Placing stakes on games is a very exciting thing, especially if you’re a fan of some particular sport. When we talk about Pakistan, you’re probably going to turn out a huge cricket geek. Good news: many online cricket betting services operate there. To make things even more fun for their users, such platforms are usually happy to provide you with some kind of initial bonus to help you get started.

These bonuses may be rather impressive: nowadays most betting services offer about $100 or more. A majority of such giveaways is organized through a system of promo codes. The concept is rather understandable: a site or some of its partners provide you with a one-of-a-kind combination of numbers you apply online to get a bonus or other preferences. Let’s see which providers possess the most profitable numbers.

However, this is merely a quick overview. If you need to know more, check out our online betting in Pakistan page with sufficient information.

Staking online in Pakistan

If you have a stable Internet connection, maybe try your luck in Pakistan, just like in any other country. There are lots of various betting services available, and we are planning to name the best ones.

bet365 is one of the most well-known betting sites internationally. It supports almost every game you could imagine, and that includes cricket, of course. You don’t even need a special number to get a benefit, and that may be as high as €100. Minimal deposit is €5, and you must bet them first to receive the bonus.

Parimatch is another cool online betting platform. It has cricket, and it’s available in Pakistan, so the service is quite good. You must make a small deposit before you may unlock your bonus, too.

betfair is yet another of important sites you should know about. Your benefit may reach €100 here. Anyway, you need a special number to become eligible for them, and we’re going to tell you how to find one right about now. Be warned that you should leave at least five bets for €10 to take the benefit.

1xbet is probably the best option to play with the results of matches. The service provides a beginner benefit of up to €100, and there is a chance to get an even higher benefits if you know the right numbers.

How to receive a promo code

Now let’s discuss where are the right numbers for those betting establishments. Sometimes these platforms provide the codes themselves, and sometimes they don’t require one at all. But you can visit a home page you are considering to join and look for such codes. Basically, these services are interested in handing out the codes. You may also read our materials about online bets to get more info on the subject.

How to bet on cricket

Gambling on a cricket match is very easy. The best way to do that is to sign up for a specialized service online: just choose a provider, sign up with your personal data, and deposit a small sum of money. The sum may be as little as €5 but the limit differs from one site to another. Then you just find cricket in the list of sports and see if there’s an upcoming match you’d like to make a stake on. Choose it to go to the betting page.

What you will see then is the page for placing stakes. Here you may place your stake on the smallest details in the match outcome. Stake on the winner, the best batsman, etc. These details make betting very flexible, and you may also utilize all of your potential as a cricket fan. The more you understand the game, the more effective you are in making predictions — and then the more cash you withdraw.

Benefits for newcomers

Okay, it’s time to explain how these bonuses work. Basically, they boost your potential for placing bets when you first enter one of those online betting sites. Codes work only for new users, so use them wisely. An online service usually provides them after you’ve deposited some money and played a little bit. The best way to know that is to read the conditions: in most cases, you need about €10 to start.

We hope that now you understand the process of receiving a code in Pakistan a bit better. Good luck!

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