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The Superbowl just passed last month but a lot of people were left wondering how much an NFL player earns. What's Payton Manning's net worth?

How much is former quarterback Peyton Manning’s net worth?

The Superbowl just passed last month but a lot of people were left wondering how much an NFL player earns. It’s well known that actors & singers can achieve enormous net worths, but don’t let the sweat fool you, athletes can have wealthy pockets too. However, it all depends on their talent, dedication, and like it or not, luck. 

Quarterback Peyton Manning for example is one of the wealthiest NFL ex-players and was one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world during his playing days. However, a wealthy net worth isn’t fame exclusive but depends instead on the way people manage their economy and investments. 

Peyton Manning is considered one of the best quarterbacks in history, yet, big net worths aren’t infinite if the owner doesn’t grow it or overspends it. But how was it for Manning? What is his net worth and how has he spent it?

Early years & career 

Peyton Manning is a former professional American football player. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 24th, 1976. Manning played a total of eighteen seasons in the NFL, however, as all athletes he had an extensive formation, starting with his college career.

The athlete first played with the University of Tennessee and was later selected by the Indianapolis Colts in his first overall position back in 1998 NFL. After fourteen seasons playing in Indiana, Manning was released by the team in 2012. Nonetheless, that same year he signed for the Denver Broncos and played his last professional four seasons.

Yet, something to keep in mind is the fact that the quarterback comes from a renamed family of athletes. Peyton Manning is the son of fellow quarterback Archie Manning and older brother of also fellow quarterback Eli Manning. Even though the sports world is less surrounded by stigma than the artistic field, for example, having family support does make the difference. These professions involve a whole culture.    

A story about Peyton Manning’s early years of school, says he attended classes wearing a jersey with the number eight-teen in honor of his older brother Cooper. Unlike his father Archie & brother Eli, Cooper Manning had a spinal condition that wouldn’t let him follow his path


Since high school, Manning was an extremely sought player and was recruited by more than sixty top-notch colleges. Definitely having the guidance of a former quarterback and the support of a talented family did help him to shine from a young age. 

The athlete played four Superbowls in total, two with the Colts and the rest with the Broncos. Manning is considered one of the best quarterbacks in history. Also, along with Tom Brady, Manning is the only quarterback to have won the maximum trophy with different teams. Holding records for most NFL MVPs, Pro Bowl Selections, All-Pro QB selections, most passing yards in a season, etcetera. 

By the time of his retirement, Manning was the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards, as well as in touchdown passes. However, he currently ranks third in both rankings. But, to all this, what is Manning’s net worth? 

Net worth 

Manning’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million, having in mind that his earning salaries lead to $18 million and that he well-managed his earnings. The athlete endorses several major brands and had several important appearances on T.V. commercials for brands like Buick & Papa Johns. 

The athlete also has profoundly lucrative endorsement deals with several companies like Sony, Master Card, Gatorade, ESPN, and many others. This makes Manning not only someone who exploits his image but a businessman. Believe it or not, the former quarterback owns twenty-one Papa John’s pizza franchises in Colorado. 

Even though his current salary has changed, there were times during his NFL peak when he earned over $40 million. Also, it’s calculated for Manning to have received at least $10 million from endorsements per year after his retirement. 

Sports can definitely be a lucrative business. What do you think of Peyton Manning’s net worth? Tell us in the comments below!

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