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If your favorite team one of the all-time greats of the NHL? Dive into our list and see, then duke it out in the comments!

Top 5 Most Successful NHL Teams Of all time

We have some pretty incredible sports in the US. We’ve got the NBA, the NFL, and we also have the NHL too. While you’re doing your NHL Daily Fantasy Sports, it may be worthwhile to think about another successful sport out there – the NHL. The NHL is full of talented athletes, drama and – you guessed it – spectacular teams.

It’s important to acknowledge the mark that these NHL teams have made on the sporting world as a whole, but also on how they’ve made us feel as fans. So, what are the most successful NHL teams of all time? What makes them so successful, and why do we love them so much? We will dive into all of that and more in this article.

Runner Up – The Vancouver Canucks

First of all, let’s give an honorable mention to another beloved team that hasn’t quite made it onto the top five. This beloved team has had a lot of success in its time in the NHL – it’s the Vancouver Canucks! 

It’s hard to watch the NHL without at least hearing about the Vancouver Canucks. Very few places do ice hockey better than Canada, and the Vancouver Canucks are a fantastic example of that Canadian skill and brilliance that they are known for in this sport.

This team hasn’t actually won a Stanley Cup yet, which you may be surprised about. What they do have though is plenty of success, with the team being valued at $262 million dollars back in 2010. They are the eighth most valuable team in the league. They have some pretty big names on the team too, including Ryan Kesler and the Sedin Twins. 

Detroit Red Wings

If you enjoy watching the NHL, you’ve most likely heard of the Detroit Red Wings. This team is hugely successful, perhaps one of the most successful in the NHL, in fact.

There’s a reason why Detroit is known as the Hockeytown in the USA. It’s because it produces some incredibly talented players. When it comes to the Stanley Cup, the Red Wings boast a massive 11 wins. This is actually the most Cup wins among the American franchises.

This team is massively popular and is actually the second most valuable club – it’s worth $315 million! 

Toronto Maple Leafs

This is most likely one of the most well loved teams in the whole of the NHL. They’re part of the Original Six teams and their history spans decades. They’ve not won a Stanley cup in over 40 years (though they’ve won 13 in total), but they still have one of the most successful fanbases, selling out pretty much every game. It’s pretty hard to obtain tickets! They’re worth $505 million. That’s not a small number!

Montreal Canadiens

If you want to talk about success, then look no further than the Montreal Canadiens. They’ve won 23 Stanley Cup titles with their last being in 1993. They’re a pretty old team too, meaning their fanbase is rather large. The team is currently valued at $408 million by Forbes, making them the third most successful franchise in the NHL.

Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia are generally not most well known for their NHL team, as they are usually associated with their entries into the MLB and the NFL. They do, however, have quite the track record in the NHL.

The Philadelphia Flyers are valued at $301 million, and this is largely thanks to their large popularity. It’s pretty difficult to get tickets for their games, even though they’ve not won a Stanley Cup since the 1970s. Nevertheless, as the sixth most valuable team in the NHL, it’s pretty clear that they are successful.

New York Rangers

The New York Rangers are a massively beloved team, and are pretty old at that. This is one of the Original Six teams, something which contributes to their success. They have won four Stanley Cups, which is quite the feat, but it’s not where the bulk of their success lies. 

Instead, it lies in their value – in 2010, this team was valued at $461 million. This makes them just behind the Toronto Maple Leafs in terms of value. They haven’t won a cup in over 17 years, but that doesn’t stop the rangers from being massively successful. 


So those are the most successful teams in the NHL! Which ones are your favorites, and which ones will you be betting on the next time that they play?

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