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When talking about prep races for the Kentucky Derby, you can never go wrong with the Louisiana Derby. Here's how to prepare for 2023.

3 Ways to Prepare for the 2023 Louisiana Derby

When talking about prep races for the Kentucky Derby, you can never go wrong with the Louisiana Derby. Heading to the Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans, exciting races and other activities await horse racing fans this year. The Louisiana Derby is ready to set off this March 25.

With the fun and excitement coming along with Louisiana Derby’s high-quality horse racing event, many are looking forward to being on the event ground and experiencing the one-of-a-kind celebration of horses’ strength and speed on the track.  

A few weeks away from enjoying the Fair Grounds, here are three ways to prepare for the 2023 Louisiana Derby.

1. Know the Participating Horses and Race History

One way to enjoy a horse racing event is by having adequate knowledge and information about the participating horses. You wouldn’t want to be on the race track without a clue whose horses are on the run for the title. 

It is essential that before heading to the Louisiana Derby, you are equipped with the horses’ history, including their skills and abilities, so you can better enjoy the racing action. Of course, if you are up for the challenge of betting, doing a run-through of the basic information about the contenders can be your edge to finding the top picks. 

Race History: 2022 Louisiana Derby Result

While it may still be too early to find the latest odds and predictions this year, looking at past performances and rankings can help you consider possible picks. To help you get a hint of which horses to eye on the upcoming race, here are the top horses in last year’s Louisiana Derby: 

  • Epicenter. Deserving of its spot, Epicenter has consistently shown undefeated pace and winning strength on the race track. Its award-winning jockey, Joel Rosario, matched up with the colt’s innate stamina for speed, enabling Epicenter to bring home victory.
  • Zozos. Trained by Brad H. Cox with Florent Gourex as its jockey, Zozos proved last year that its solid wins and varying running tactics enabled putting its name on top. His extensive training on the Fair Grounds allowed him to achieve significant performance progression on the track.
  • Pioneer of Medina. One of Epicenter’s top contenders who got the third spot is Pioneer Medina. Showing great impressions over its ending stretch speed on the track, Pioneer Medina was able to show his talent and abilities in the race.
  • Rattle’ N Roll. Rattle’ N Roll is considered one of the most eye-catching race track performers. This was reflected in his speed figures, considered one of the highest in the history of the Louisiana Derby. Rattle’ N Roll’s moderate to fast pace performance allowed him to take the fourth spot.
  • Galt. Overcoming closely distracting races before the 2022 Louisiana Derby, Galt survived the season and claimed his fifth spot in the race. Its impressive far turn aiming to take the lead is one great strength Galt has proved over past races.

Checking on other online bookies or visiting the Louisiana Derby on TVG will help you further explore the racing event’s other notable contenders and past performances.

2. Learn the Terms

Aside from knowing and studying the possible contenders, learning the horse racing terms is also important. The most common term you may encounter is the ‘Graded Horse Race.’ Know that there are different graded thoroughbred horse races in America, and the Louisiana Derby is a Grade II race. This means that the race’s handicap ratings are between 86-100. 

Handicap rating refers to the assigned weight the horse has to carry to qualify for a particular race. These varying weights are required to provide equal winning chances to participating horses. Some other important terms in horse racing include those used for betting. Types of bets include Win, Place, and Show. In a Win Bet, your pick must win first; in a Place Bet, your pick must finish in the first two places; and in a Show Bet, your horse pick must finish a place in the first three spots.

If you are in for more challenging wagering options with higher payouts, exotic and combination wagers can be a great choice. Just know that these betting types can be more complex and provide higher risks. Exotic Bets may include Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, and Superfecta, which requires you to choose horse picks who should finish the race in exact orders. 

3. Discover What to Enjoy

The promising Louisiana Derby is not only about the racing event. It is also considered a social event. This annual racing event also includes other activities related to food and fun and even creative contests. Local food fares and buffet services are highly available on the event grounds. Fashion contests encompassing competition of outfits and creating hats with great prizes and gift certificates for the winners are also open for anyone interested.

How about horse race betting? Of course, betting sections and self-operated betting machines are available around the race track. If you are aiming for a more convenient betting method, there are also available betting sites you can try online.


Given its popularity among many people in the states and worldwide, be it racegoers or panthers eyeing the top picks, this annual event brought by the Louisiana Derby can surely provide the utmost horse racing experience to anyone. All you have to do is have adequate time to prepare, follow the ways mentioned above, and make the preparation journey easier before the actual race day.

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