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Live betting on the tennis underdogs is worth the salt

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Everyone who has played live tennis knows how promptly and unpredictably the quotes change. That’s why bettors are loving the tennis buzz. In almost every tennis game, there is a clear-cut favorite and an underdog. A neck-and-neck until the end of the game is not a matter of common knowledge. Betting on the favorites in Live is not profitable, as bookmakers give low odds on them, but it is possible to bet on the underdog at a certain moment and make a tidy sum of it.

Choosing the right bookmaker for tennis betting is half the battle. You need to pick your bookie, register there, top up your account, and start betting on tennis events. and All of this can be done neck and crop. Betwinner is one of the most reliable and widely regarded bookmakers today. Besides, you can get a warm-hearted Betwinner welcome bonus for your anticipating parlay. You can wholly enjoy your betting experience and put your name on the map. Do not hesitate any second, start betting here and now.

Take into account the online statistics and pay attention to the number of doubles, unforced errors, and actively won balls, including at the net.  If doubles in the first three games accumulated more than three, and unnecessary errors more than five, skip the match.

betting on tennis underdogs

How to make live bets?

First and foremost, it is necessary to follow the video broadcast of the match. No statistics services will not bring you what the picture can. It is best to bet on underdogs in the breaks between sets or games, and even better when big breaks occur due to weather conditions. In these moments, the tennis player has time to make conclusions and change game tactics. There is also a good chance that the outsider’s coach will point out his mistakes.

Catching the underdog’s wins is best after the favorite has made a break or even two breaks. Bettors are betting on favorites in droves after that, which causes the quotes on underdogs to jump a lot. The favorite may feel like a winner beforehand, and that can take a toll on him. Yet, it requires fervor and the proper attitude of the underdog.

Watch the emotions of the tennis players cautiously. Sports anger only heats the crucial moment, but only when it is appropriate and within reasonable limits. If the favorite, because of an unfortunate mistake, began to show excessive emotion, nervously move and yell at the referee, you can at these points expect him to lose. Such situations in tennis are not uncommon, even if everything was going to the victory of the favorite.

When selecting matches, take into account the statistics and the results of personal meetings between players. Matches are suitable if these criteria are met:

  • The favorite confidently dealt with the opponent 2-0 in previous meetings.
  • The favorite plays on the profile coverage.
  • In recent matches, a favorite has confidently beat opponents of a lower class.
  • The underdog has often lost to stronger opponents in recent matches.

A flashscore statistics service will help you understand who was the favorite before the start of the match and what the bookmakers’ odds were on its victory.

Also, pay a lot of attention to the pre-match analysis. Consider how often the favorite loses to weaker opponents, and how often the underdogs win at will. This knowledge will come in handy when you play live.

Pros and cons of the tennis in-play betting strategy


  • Tennis in-play betting tactics allow you to catch higher odds.
  • As a rule, the pre-match analysis is complemented by impressions of the game, which makes the bet more promising.


  • Often you have to watch several games simultaneously.
  • Sometimes in all pre-selected matches, events develop according to a scenario that eliminates the bet, and it turns out that the work on pre-match analysis just goes down the river.


betting on tennis underdogs

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A winning bet on the underdog is a bullet-proof strategy because the odds on it are much higher than on the favorite. It is possible to play such betting markets, but to do so, choose a bookie with high and quickly updated live odds.

Tennis is a promising discipline for live betting because the events are dynamic, the odds often change in one direction or another several times per game. There is a chance to catch profitable markets in every game. The main thing is to know the ropes.

In tennis, the set of possible bets during a match is not as wide as in football, so for us, the main selection criteria are a wide line and a moderate margin.


What is the best strategy?

We know that betting is an intellectual pastime, and the better you are at it, the more interesting it is. So the strategy is first and foremost an opportunity to stretch your brain and at the same time keep from impulse betting.

How to win on bets?

You need to analyze your tennis match, have an eagle eye on the tennis players, and play cold-bloodedly.

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