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After finishing their only tournament in 2020, Liga MX is back with all new games. Here are all the ones you should circle on your calendar.

Liga MX kicks off! Here are the games you can’t miss this season

After finishing 2020’s only Liga MX tournament, Mexican soccer is back in action this week for Torneo Guardianes 2021. The league changed the name of the two tournaments from Torneo Apertura and Clausura to Guardianaes to honor Mexico’s doctors, nurses, and other front line workers tirelessly working throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

After an exhilarating 2020 tournament, León took the championship easily from Pumas UNAM with a score of 2-0. They’ll be looking to capitalize on that momentum in the first tournament of 2021. León was second during the 2019 Torneo Apertura; however, they lost in the opening round to No. 7 seed Morelia. 

The coronavirus canceled the 2020 Torneo Clausura and league play, so no champion was crowned. The tournament determines which teams go to the 2021 CONCACAF Champions League. Without a champion and runner-up to send, the Mexico Football Federation sent the top two teams when they canceled the season. With Liga MX for the first tournament of 2021, what are the games to watch? 

FC Juárez vs. Club Tijuana – Jan. 15th 

FC Juárez & Club Tijuana might not be the biggest names in Liga MX. But as the two teams that border the U.S. and Mexico, their games against each other are ones to mark on your calendar.

Both clubs ranked near the bottom of the league and are looking to improve in Toreno Guardianaes 2021.

Pumas UNAM vs. León – Feb. 21st

The rematch of the Torneo Guardianes 2020 game between Pumas UNAM and León can’t come soon enough. Luckily for us, it’s within the first half of the tournament. Both teams have been on top of the league in recent years and are looking to bring their momentum from 20/20 into 2021 with championship wins in this tournament.

América vs. León – March 6th 

Club América has a lot to prove in Torneo Guardianes 2021. In Toreno Guardianaes 2020, sixth seed Guadalajara bounced América in the first round. After the debilitating 3-1 loss, América will be looking to be back at the top of the league. Both teams rule the Liga MX league and are favorites to meet again in Torneo Guardianes 2021 playoffs. It makes their early tournament match up a must-watch.

Guadalajara vs. América – March 14th

Guadalajara & Club América are the two most followed leagues in the United States, making their games massive events in the US. It’s not hard to see why Americans love these two Mexico teams. Both teams ranked near the top of the league every year, bringing Championship pedigree with them. 

Besides the shared love of these two teams, they are locked in a bitter rivalry dubbed the biggest and most important game in Mexico. The biggest comparison of this rivalry is the one between Real Madrid & Barcelona. How can you call yourself a soccer fan if you don’t Circle this game on your calendar? 

Torneo Guardianes 2021’s game is a rematch of that first-round game between the two clubs where the lower-ranked Guadalajara team beat Club América 3-1. It should be a thrilling game to watch. 

Guadalajara vs. Atlas – April 24th

If you love history and soccer, then look no further than Guadalajara & Atlas. Their rivalry is the oldest in Mexico. Even as players and coaches have changed throughout the years, their hatred for one another hasn’t died. The Rivalry is over 100 years young, with Guadalajara dominating not just Atlas Mexican soccer.

Even though these two teams are at polar opposite ends of the standings, it doesn’t mean their games are any less eventful or worth watching. With a rivalry game this late in the tournament, it’s going to be an important game to watch. 

Pumas UNAM vs. América – May 2nd

We couldn’t think of a better game to end The League Play Horsham of the 2021 tournament. Pumas UNAM in Club América are hometown rivals representing Mexico’s capital city, Mexico City.

The two teams are always equally matched and are always found ranked near each other. What is outstanding about it is the types of players each team attracts. Club América has the capital to sign start talent, while UNAM’s bread and butter are in youth development. The fact these two teams always seem to rank near each other is astounding, and their games against each other are even better. 

Are you excited for Torneo Guardianes 2021? What games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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