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Chivas FC has decided to part with Dieter Villalpando. Find out why the soccer club booted Villalpando and three others.

Why is Chivas FC cutting ties with Dieter Villalpando? All the info

Chivas FC is cutting ties with midfielder Dieter Villalpando. The esteemed soccer club has decided to do so because of the sexual assault allegations that were recently leveled at Villalpando and three of the other players on the team. 

ESPN stated that Villalpando was “permanently separated” from Chivas, which means he will never be able to play for the club again. Eduardo “La Chofis” López, Alexis Pena, and Jose Juan “Gallito” Vazquez have been sidelined as punishment, but they still have the ability to be transferred to another club in the league. The aforementioned trio have played numerous seasons in FC, and Vazquez has even won four league titles.

Chivas sporting director Ricardo Peláez confirmed the departure of all four players to ESPN. “None of the four players will play again for Chivas”, Peláez explained. “Chivas are damaging their own sporting interests, and the idea of building a team with values. Starting from this moment on, there will be zero tolerance; not anyone can wear the Chivas shirt only because they play football well.”

Permanent separation

The allegations leveled at the players stems from an incident that occurred in October. Villalpando reportedly committed a sexual abuse crime against a woman he met at a party and his teammates were said to have been in attendance. Villalpando is being investigated by local authorities, though the active status of the case has limited the details that have been released to the public.

Chivas CEO Amaury Vergara decried Villalpando’s actions as tarnishing the good name of his club. “It is more than a simple indiscipline; all the attention tarnishes the name of our family and institution,” Vergara wrote. “It’s important to mention the Chivas group condemns any act of violence against women. There will be zero tolerance. We have taken determination to put an end to any act that goes against the values of our club.”

Maintaining innocence

Villalpando asserted his innocence in a statement obtained by ESPN. He volunteered his cooperation with the Guadalajara police and insisted he not be condemned by the public before he is given a chance to defend himself. He also alluded to the possibility that he is being extorted due to his wealth & celebrity status.

“I’m asserting my human right,” Villalpando wrote. “As is the due process within the present investigation and to be able to provide sufficient evidence data, to demonstrate that there are no facts that the law demonstrates and continue operating in my favor the benefit of presumption of innocence.”

COVID-19 complications

This is not the first time Chivas have had to suspend their players over extracurricular activities. In August, the club suspended forwards Uriel Antuna & Alexis Vega after a video of them drinking & singing went viral on social media. The club issued a written statement that decried Antuna & Vega’s actions as unprofessional. 

The club has also been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Antuna & Vega contracted the illness prior to their night on the town, while manager Manuel Vucetich and his aids are MIA due to a recent COVID diagnosis. Chivas have had to play without their normal manager or their star players, and assistant manager Sergio Almaguer told One Football that it has been a struggle.

Team struggles

“We are concerned with the error, which is part of football and is sometimes reflected in favor or against,” Almaguer stated. “The teams are so even that the difference will be in the small details.

Fortunately, Chivas have been able to remain a competitive force. They came back from a 1-0 deficit to defeat Monterey 3-1 during the final game of the season. They head into the playoffs with forward momentum and a desire to prove they still have what it takes to win without crucial personnel.

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