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From football to tennis, European sports fans are betting on their teams to put on a thrilling game that helps them take home big cash prizes!

Most Interesting European Sports to Bet On

Sports betting in Europe is now a full-time profession for many people as they enjoy the fun that comes with placing multiple bets and easy revenue. The activity has spread like wildfire across the region, leaving no choice for punters to study various leagues and commit their time and wit to the activity. 

Betting is possible online or offline, and the industry is massive, with millions of players worldwide making up almost 40% of the entire gambling market. Besides the typical casino games, other niches like esports are quickly coming up. Understanding the sports that interest punters most will help distinguish the sports to promote and betting trends.

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The Most Interesting European Sports to Bet On

The sport that interests bettors the most brings good business because players enjoy betting on it maximally. Since the legalisation of betting in European countries, there has been a surge in betting shops, sites like onlinesportfogadá where players discuss their knowledge on local and international clubs.

european sports bet


Soccer is the most popular sport globally, and it takes the largest share in the sports betting arena. Betting on international teams has pushed operators to promote the sport more by turning it into a fantastic sensation with early cash-outs. Football betting market estimates are believed to exceed £1 billion annually in the UK.  

Football is the lead sport in most countries worldwide apart from a few like the USA where basketball rules, Australia and New Zealand pride themselves in rugby as their most popular sport while Canada boats hockey as their lead sport. 

As a lead sport, the popularity of soccer across the world leaves operators no choice but to scramble for bettors’ attention by providing odds on significant tournaments. Now that the football betting market is broad and available worldwide, there are competitive odds, but the many choices can overwhelm players. Here are some everyday markets.

european sports bet

  • Double odds: Common win known as 1X2 ends with either team being the winner or drawing, and a player can make two options that increase winning chances.
  • First Goal: Predicting the player who is likely to score first heightens excitement as the game kicks off. If you get it right, you win.
  • Score by both teams: If you are unsure of the team to support, you can bet on how the game will turn out other than who will win. 

european sports bet

Horse racing

Horse racing has been around the betting market for ages globally, making it a giant sport to bet on around the clock. The sport has several rich events you can bet on, their prizes are enormous, and the bettors too. 

It is estimated that horse racing bets roll over  ⁇ €100 billion yearly, with Japan being the first market, the UK coming second, then Australia in third place. The market has three possibilities. 

  • A Win: Predict the winner of the race.
  • To Place: Increases your winning chances if your choice makes it to the top three or more, depending on the promotion. 
  • Forecast Bet: Test your skill by predicting the first two horses, and if they turn out so, you win. 

european sports bet


The Tennis betting market is not far apart from soccer and horse racing in Europe. Many tournaments are played throughout the year, allowing bettors to choose from a wide range of pairs. It has a more significant advantage than football since you can predict two possible outcomes on the players. 

Your winning chances increase to 50% of getting the outcome right in a tennis match, but remember, different betting shops have varying regulations, which you should first familiarise with before placing a bet.

european sports bet


Sports bettors in Europe can be classified into two: Those looking for a great experience and the strategist who knows where to place their money to earn the maximum amount. 

The most interesting European sports to bet on are the most prominent globally, with massive enthusiasts. Studying, understanding, and analysing a sport will increase your betting chance to win other than mere luck on your favourite teams. 

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