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Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Houston Texans is currently facing sexual assault allegations from a massage therapist. Girlfriend problems?

Deshaun Watson: Did the Texans quarterback assault his former girlfriend?

The disgruntled quarterback of the Houston Texans Deshaun Watson has denied recent allegations of sexual assault, outlined in a lawsuit that was filed on Tuesday. While details surrounding this ongoing investigation are currently scarce, Tony Buzbee, the Texas lawyer who is defending the victim told Fox 26 that the incident itself happened during a massage that went “too far” last year.  

Deshaun Watson made a statement of his own on Twitter: “As a result of a social media post by a publicity-seeking plaintiff’s lawyer, I recently became aware of a lawsuit that has apparently been filed against me. I have not yet seen the complaint, but I know this: I have never treated any woman with anything than the utmost respect.” 

Watson went on to note how he looked forward to clearing his name, all while Buzbee took to his own Instagram to note how he’s “extremely proud to represent those who have no perceived power against those who have PERCEIVED power. This case we just filed against Watson isn’t about money — it’s about dignity and stopping behavior that should be stopped, NOW.” Just what is happening with Deshaun Watson? 

The incident

These allegations by a massage therapist have now led to a civil lawsuit, claiming she experienced inappropriate conduct from the Texans’s quarterback back in March of 2020 in her own home. Well, this surely won’t please Watson’s girlfriend.  

The lawsuit alleges that Watson “committed civil assault” by touching the massage therapist with his penis and that he “intentionally or knowingly caused physical contact with Plaintiff when Watson knew or should have reasonably known, that Plaintiff would regard such contact as offensive.”

The lawsuit addresses how Watson booked a massage for March 30th, 2020, with a massage therapist who typically works from the comfort of her own home. As well, the massage therapist alleges that after leaving the room for a brief moment, she returned to find Watson laying on the table with nothing but a small towel to cover his private parts. Jesus, girlfriend!  

Houston makes a statement

The Houston Texans franchise put out the following statement regarding the ongoing investigation of their upset quarterback, who has been asking for a trade out of Houston for months. It read the following: 

“We became aware of a civil lawsuit involving Deshaun Watson through a social media post last night. This is the first time we heard of the matter, and we hope to learn more soon. We take accusations of this nature that involve anyone within the Houston Texans organization seriously. We will await further information before making any additional statements on this incident.”

Watson in the headlines

Keeping his name in today’s headlines is nothing new for Deshaun Watson, who has made it clear that he no longer wishes to play football for the Houston Texans organization. The Texans, who finished their 2020-2021 campaign with another disappointing season of missing the playoffs, are used to their superstars wanting out of the franchise. 

Just last month, Pro Bowl defensive end JJ Watt made his frustrations with the Texans loud & clear, forcing his way out of Houston and to the Arizona Cardinals. Last year, superstar receiver DeAndre Hopkins was also able to force himself out of Houston, also joining the Arizona Cardinals in a blockbuster trade. However, new coach David Culley has made it clear that the franchise is committed to their young quarterback. 

However, with these new allegations involving Deshaun Watson, is it possible that this could be the very last domino to fall in terms of Watson finally being freed of his contract with the Texans? Heck, could he and his new girlfriend even land with the Cardinals? We shall wait and see.  

What are your thoughts on the Deshaun Watson allegations? How do you think his girlfriend feels about all of this? Who is your favorite NFL team? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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