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Somebody has to take the fall, but did Los Angeles Chargers just give their coach the boot? Take a look at the firing of NFL coach Anthony Lynn.

Are the Chargers firing their head coach? Inside the news

As we enter the first week of the NFL postseason, we reflect on the teams who have been eliminated from playoff contention as they examine their franchise’s future in terms of talent & management. Sadly, this news oftentimes results in the firing of a team’s head coach. 

For the Los Angeles Chargers, an NFL franchise with much to be excited about in the forthcoming years, it’s clear they’re looking to elevate their locker room & staff at the same speed as their young quarterback, Justin Herbert. 

We received the news last Monday, January 4th, that the Los Angeles Chargers fired their head coach Anthony Lynn after four seasons with the team. We have our suspicions about this news coming out of Charger’s management, and we’re getting to the bottom of why Anthony Lynn was let go. 

2020-2021 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers, who were previously the San Diego Chargers from 1961-2017 until their move back to L.A., had a wild season many fans & experts couldn’t have predicted. During the first game of the Charger’s season against the Cincinnati Bengals, news broke out that starting QB Tyrod Taylor suffered two cracked ribs early in the game, eventually going on to lead his team to victory regardless of the injury.

However, at the start of their week two game, with no Tyrod Taylor on the field, we received the devastating news that a pain-killing injection went wrong before their game against the Kansas City Chiefs, as Taylor accidentally suffered a punctured lung from the injection. 

Cue the entry of rookie & second-string QB Justin Herbert out of the University of Oregon, who remarkably outplayed his rookie year expectations, leading his Chargers in a record of 7-9. Last year seemed an inspiring one for the Chargers, even if it started with a tragic accident. So why did they ultimately decide to fire their head coach? 

Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

Anthony Lynn has spent the last four seasons as the coach of the L.A. Chargers, taking the team to an overall record of 33-31 during his tenure. 

While the Chargers did have a major bright spot in the play of rookie Justin Herbert this season, they still seemed to have good reasons to let go of coach Lynn moving forward. But why?

A big reason many speculate is due to the fact that the Chargers lost seven games this season by a single score, meaning they were actually positioned to compete & win in most of the games they played, but found a way to lose it in the end, which oftentimes falls on the last-game decision-making by the head coach. 

Charger’s owner speaks

When news of the Charger’s firing was released, team owner Dean Spanos offered his comments on the matter. 

“This morning I informed Anthony Lynn that we have made the decision to part ways with him as our head coach,” he said. “I’m not sure there is another person in this league more respected as a human being than Anthony, and I want to sincerely express my deepest gratitude for his leadership during a time of great change for our organization.”

Spanos went on to describe the move as strictly a “business decision”, stating that the past two seasons simply fell short of the franchise’s expectations & goals. Spanos touched on how Charger’s fans need to know ownership is committed to winning football games and that the move to fire Lynn will not be the end of their efforts to create more on-field consistency. 

What do you think about the Chargers firing their head coach Anthony Lynn? Do you think the move will lead to more winning football for L.A.? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.      

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