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The Greatest Caribbean Soccer Players

The Caribbean may not be the biggest and most populated set of islands in the world, but this area sure has made an international impact. Whether in music or sports, the Caribbean has produced some of the world’s biggest stars. There are many sports played in the Caribbean, but soccer might be the most popular. It is no wonder that so many Caribbean players have gone on to make a big impact in the sport.

Soccer is a sport beloved by Canadians and Caribbeans alike, and it is only getting more popular. Naturally, Canadians and Caribbeans love to bet on the game. Betting in both regions is legal, so betting on soccer is growing in these nations. All it takes is browsing a Betway review to see how many amazing soccer betting options you can find on the market today. But soccer is about more than betting, and in its longstanding history, many Caribbean players have shined. Let’s look at some of the most legendary Caribbean soccer players to ever step on the pitch.

Shalrie Joseph

Unlike other players on this list, Shalrie Joseph never caught on in Europe, although the Grenadian defender was famed for his stout play in the MLS. He was a star player that played for the MLS All-Star team several times and had offers to play in Europe that were rejected by the MLS. He also made numerous caps for the Grenadian team.

Pascal Chimbonda

Pascal Chimbonda played across Europe and America for more than two decades. This right back from Guadeloupe played for teams like Tottenham, Le Havia, and Sunderland for many years, and gained a reputation as a hard worker and played several international matches for Guadeloupe.

Donovan Ricketts

Donovan Ricketts is a Jamaican player that had a strong career around the world. He made numerous appearances for Jamaica internationally as a goalkeeper, including 2 Caribbean Cup victories and 100 international caps. He starred for teams like the LA Galaxy and Seattle Timber in the MLS.

Leon Bailey

Leon Bailey is an interesting case because the expectations for this young winger have been so high. Bailey comes from Kingston, Jamaica, and has found significant success in the Bundesliga playing for Bayer 04. However, his transfer to Aston Villa has disappointed. Bailey is still only 25 and incredibly talented, so he can certainly turn it around.

Eloy Room

Eloy Room is a goalkeeper that is still playing and represents Curacao. Room is still 33 years old and features on the Columbus Crew in the MLS, so he can still add to his legacy. He has played in the top tier of the Dutch league for PSV and has made many caps for Curacao internationally.

Emmanuel Sanon

Emmanuel Sanon is forever a Haitian legend for his work in the 1974 World Cup, where he scored both the team’s goals. This was the pinnacle of his career, but he played domestically in Belgium and the United States. He scored 37 goals for the Haitian national team.

Frank Sinclair

Frank Sinclair is one of the all-time great Jamaican players. He played 26 years across the United Kingdom, including eight seasons with Chelsea. He managed to play a role as the team took home the FA Cup in 1997 and played for Jamaica in the 1998 World Cup.

Stern John

Stern John hails from Trinidad and Tobago, where he made 115 appearances and scored 70 goals. Stern John also had an incredible domestic career. He shone in the MLS before spending more than a decade in England, where he maintained his prolific scoring.

Russell Latapy

Russell Latapy played midfield for Trinidad and Tobago internationally, where he made 81 caps and scored 29 goals. He also had an excellent domestic career, shining in both Scotland and Portugal. He had a smooth game with excellent pace.

Shaka Hislop

Shaka Hislop was a goalkeeper that managed to find both international and domestic success. This resident of Trinidad and Tobago made 26 appearances for his international team but was more of a star domestically. He played for highly recognized British clubs like West Ham United and Newcastle, where he made hundreds of appearances.

Deon Burton

Deon Burton may be the greatest Jamaican player of all time. This striker played an important role in getting Jamaica to the World Cup in 1998 and also made appearances on multiple Premier League teams. He was an extremely talented goal-scorer and a great personality.

Dwight Yorke

Dwight Yorke may be the most talented soccer player in the history of the Caribbean. He hailed from Trinidad and Tobago and helped elevate them to their first World Cup in 2006. He also spent over a decade playing for Aston Villa and Manchester United. In that time, he won four Premier League Titles, one FA Cup, and one Champions League.

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