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Cam Newton was released by the New England Patriots. The former MVP quarter back is getting the meme treatment, check out some of the wildest memes.

Cam Newton released from The Patriots: Get a look at the memes

The sports world stood in shock & awe on Tuesday after the surprising news that the New England Patriots, who arguably have been the strongest NFL dynasty of the last twenty years, would move on from their starting quarterback, former MVP Cam Newton. 

The Patriots, who took Alabama’s Mac Jones in the first round during the 2021 NFL draft, had a more interesting NFL preseason than most, given the stellar play by Jones. 

The deciding factor to their decision? Well, given the NFL’s strict rules for the upcoming season for those who are unvaccinated, it is clear that head coach Bill Belichick simply didn’t want to deal with the headache of his former starting quarterback, Cam Newton, who many believe is still unvaccinated. Top this with the incredible preseason play by Mac Jones, and there you have the reasons why the Patriots released Cam Newton.

That being said, let’s not act like Cam Newton didn’t leave some sort of legacy in his one season in New England, as he famously answered the call when people asked who Tom Brady’s replacement would be after a twenty-year run. While Cam Newton certainly knows how to play the position of quarterback, he knows how to make memes even better, given his Goofy character and surprising antics. Care to check some out? 

If the helmet don’t fit

You know it’s bad when OJ says something about you . . . 

If you know you know

Mr. Newton? Is that really you?

Jordan crying meme wins again

This Cam Newton meme is so on point that even we’re laughing.

Cam Newton meme or breaking news?

That Bishop Sycamore story is also worth reading, FYI. 

Luck of the closet draw

Cam Newton either gives zero f&^#$ or really cares about his fashion choices. It’s one or the other. 

A meme within a meme

A Cam Newton meme is a wonderful thing to share with others who are having a bad day. 

Awkward AF

But at least a good Cam Newton meme will ease our pain. 

This wins

And it’s oddly not far from the truth, either. 

Such sharp facial features

Cam Newton can be a villain on the field when he chooses to be. 

The last thing you want to be is a Cowboy fan

. . . Unless you really like losing. 


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