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Bukayo Saka proves yet again why he's a footballer to watch in the UEFA. See the hottest takes and praise from Twitter.

UEFA update: Will Bukayo Saka lead his team to victory? Twitter’s takes

The UEFA has a new darling, who is 19-year-old Bukayo Saka. The footballer is experiencing a stratospheric rise in the sport, playing for both Arsenal & the English National Team. Now, Saka has recently won both the UEFA Star of the Match award and the England Man of the Match award for his clean sweep in a recent match against the Czech Republic.

What could Bukayo Saka bring next to football? What are Twitter’s takes on this star’s meteoric rise? Let’s take a look at some of the best reactions about Bukayo Saka.

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He’s young, but his name is going to be known

Man of the Match

Seriously, his name needs to be more widely known.

Now people are on the train

What do you have to say about Bukayo Saka now? 

Seriously, he’s only 19

Anyone else kind of feel like they’re wasting their lives?


It’s a good tweet.

Shame on you! 

Walk the walk of shame for doubting, Saka! 

Say his name

Seriously, if you’re not talking about Bukayo Saka, then what are you doing?

What have we been doing with our lives? 

Again, he’s 19. He has his life way more together than most of us.

A video appreciation

Look at him score those goals!

They just want controversy

Daily Mail needs to stop.

A tweet from the man of the hour

Keep going on! 

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