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BK8 – Asia’s Highly Evolved Version Of Online Sports Betting

BK8 is an online casino platform that was established in 2015. Since BK8’s establishment, they have been the most trusted and favoured online casino application by Malaysian and other Southeast Asian players in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Is BK8 Safe to Play at?

Security first ah. BK8 Malaysia ensures security is reinforced at all times by encrypting players’ sensitive information using the 128-encryption technology. Furthermore, players also need to complete a two-factor authentication to be able to proceed with the application. Additionally, BK8 holds international licenses from corporations like Gaming Curacao which are legal and authorized casino licenses. As well as operates using N.V. #365/JAZ which is the Master License of a reputable Gaming Service Provider.

What Can I Do in BK8?

Furthermore, BK8 provides various betting games and online slots for players. Some of these include live sports and Poker, slot machines, fishing games, and lotteries. BK8’s live sports are embellished with three different types of betting interfaces – BK8 Sports, Saba Sports and c-Sports, for the player to choose from before they can begin their chances of winning.

Primarily, BK8’s Sportsbook covers a wide array of 30 different sports. BK8’s platform is most popularly known for its football live streams. BK8 has successfully increased their profile to millions of soccer fans globally, making soccer betting a dominant feature in various leagues and cup competitions. Hint hint – the FIFA World Cup 2022.  With the upcoming 2022 World Cup, BK8’s players from over 50 different countries are getting ready to place their bets on that one country that will win it all and take the Cup back home.

Does BK8 Offer World Cup FIFA Live?

On top of that, BK8’s players who have devices other than an Android are able to enjoy streams from their favourite league! As BK8’s Multi-Functional Live TV is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. This is made possible by the strategic partnership of BK8 and major tech brands like Sony and HTC in Malaysia. BK8’s players can now comfortably watch the high-quality live streams of the FIFA 2022 matches and place their bets on that lucky team that is winning the Cup.

Other Good Things About BK8

Did you know that BK8 promotes responsible gambling? BK8 does so by providing a responsible gambling section which can be accessed on the bottom section of their page by clicking on the Info Centre. This information centre provides players tips on betting management and what the player should do in case the player feels that their betting game is getting the better of them.

Just as game enthusiasts thought they could not have enough of BK8’s website, BK8 has embarked on the trend to create its very own mobile application named BK8 Sportsbook to appeal to younger adults in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The mobile application is embedded with features like pre-match options that allow the players to delve into various bet types like the option of placing multiple bets and depending on the outcome of the player’s selection, a betting slip that interchanges in colour. All of these pre-match options allow BK8’s players to leverage their chances on the FIFA team they placed their bet on.

Mobile Application Features

User-Interface Experience

BK8’s mobile application allows its player to easily navigate through the application due to its user-friendly interface even if it’s their first time!

BK8’s mobile application allows its players to log in and play on the go. The players are at ease as the app keeps them logged in to reduce the number of player login times.

The application’s user interface is similar to that of the website but takes on a simpler structure and is fast and light. In addition, the mobile version is inclusive of BK8’s website slots and table games. BK8’s players also embraced the 3D games made available on the website and mobile platform.

Notification Feature

Upon installing the BK8’s mobile application, their players get notified of some of the featured FIFA matches for that day. Players can also customize their notifications setting so that they do not miss an important match and scores made by the different teams.

The next customizable feature on the notifications setting is the direct push notification feature which allows players to get instant updates with in-the-moment scores of their favourite team currently playing.

Customer Service

Players can reach BK8’s 24-hour customer service by locating the button on the bottom right-hand side of their screen. BK8’s players have the choice to contact BK8’s customer service representatives through live chat or WhatsApp. In case, the player runs into issues in the website or mobile application that require a greater length of the text to explain the problem, the option to email BK8’s customer service is also a standby option for the player.

BK8 also have their on-demand guidance by locating the Info Centre for their more explorative players. BK8’s players can do so by locating the information centre at the bottom of their screen. As the player reads the guide, they are able to get the answers to the doubts the players had.

Promotion and Rewards

With days away from the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup, BK8 welcomes you with open arms. As BK8 is rewarding their new players with a substantial welcome bonus. In addition to that, our loyal players are also included in the reward program with competitive bonuses to help them increase their incoming FIFA betting activities without having to sacrifice much of their own personal income. Further, with the oncoming daily FIFA matches, players get to make use of our Daily reload bonuses if they decide to reload their account before kickstarting their bet. 

Occasionally, BK8 initiates campaigns and competitions among its players to spice things up by giving them chances to win large money prizes, free spins and wager credits with Terms and Conditions being applicable.

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