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Do you want to know all the best sports betting sites that are currently available? Here's a list of the best sites in 2022.

Best Sports Betting Sites 2022

The pandemic has messed up with a lot of our lives. Sports fans might have been in a downward spiral because what is sports if you cannot cheer it with your friends or bet on the wins of your favorite team, player or on the scores of the match in general? However, the growing online betting industry is here to help you out. There are sites like cybersport that allow you to do sports betting right from your own home. It is easy. But you might still need to know some of the best sports betting sites that are currently available. So, here is a list. 

  • DraftKings Sportsbook App

It is one of the most successful betting sites since the process became legally valid. There are tons of features in the platform. Despite the app being very quick and curious, DraftKings really steals the show on its front. You can find nearly every kind of bet that you might have wanted. This has made DraftKings a leader in this market. They give bonuses up to 1050 dollars and are probably the best sportsbook for live betting. 

  • FanDuel Sportsbook App

This sportsbook is extremely user-friendly and might be a great choice for newbies. If you have been here in this sector for long, you would know when a company sets high priority for user experience and technology easily. FanDuel easily wins in these sectors along with some others. The app is rather smooth. Moreover, the betting slip function is of the best quality. One of the most exciting parts is that FanDuel has a lot of promos. So, you will always get something or the other. It gives bonuses worth as much as $1000. To conclude, it is the best sportsbook for DFS and sports betting. It is also legal in quite a lot of places. 

  • BetMGM Sportsbook app

The developers of this one have a lot of gambling experience that they put to great use over here. BetMGM is a visionary in sports betting and has always satisfied the high expectations of the bettors. If you are particularly attracted to niche sports, then BetMGM is your place. It is going to offer you a lot. However, if you go more with the big market movers, you do not need to worry at all. BetMGM is going to satisfy you too. The navigation online may be a little rough but it still is one of the best sports betting sites online. You can have bonuses up to $1000 with the promo code PLAYBONUS. It is the best sportsbook for all the odd boosts.

  • Caesars Sports Betting App

This is one of the best sports betting platforms that will give you the requirements that you need for any and every kind of sports betting. One of the most attractive features is that with every play you get to earn points in the Caesars Rewards program. So, as per your play you can get comps, freebies and other goodies. The customer service is excellent with a number of loyalty awards.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know now! 

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