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Sports are both entertaining and exciting, so it’s no surprise that betting on games has become so popular in recent years. Which movies are best?

4 Movies Every Sports Betting Fan Should See

Sports are both entertaining and exciting, so it’s no surprise that betting on games has become so popular in recent years. The thrill of watching your favourite team win can be equally matched by the excitement of winning big from your wagers! However, many bettors don’t realize that there are plenty of movies out there that highlight the excitement of betting on sports as well! If you want to delve into the world of sports betting but aren’t sure where to begin, recommends seeing these four must-see movies that every sport betting fan should see!

Two for the Money

This Academy Award-nominated film stars Oscar winner Al Pacino as a sports bettor who takes on the ultimate challenge: taking down three of New York’s most ruthless bookies at once. There are some tense moments and compelling drama, but ultimately it’s more about developing relationships than making bets. Still, it’s not often you get to see Pacino in such a dramatic role. Plus, there are enough high-stakes games that even if you don’t know much about football or basketball, you can still follow along.

Bookies (2003)

Take a trip back to when bookies were kings in Philadelphia with Steve Buscemi’s film Bookies. It’s a fun and quirky look at how sports betting has changed over time, even taking it up a notch by featuring real-life (and retired) professional gambler Haralabos Voulgaris as himself. He’s brilliant in his role here, helping to add some sizzle to what would otherwise be an ordinary underdog sports story. If you’re looking for something light that will keep you entertained for an afternoon, then give Bookies a try.

Lay the Favourite (2012)

Lay The Favourite (2011) stars Bruce Willis as a professional sports gambler who trains his sister, played by Rebecca Hall, to become a top-notch bookie. It’s based on real-life High Stakes Poker winner Rebecca Bollywood Lynn. If you’re into gambling and have no clue about horse racing or pro football, you may find some of what happens in Lay The Favourite (2012) a bit confusing. Still, it’s an engaging movie that follows three flawed people dealing with life challenges during one intense 24 hour period. This film is perfect for those fans of movies like Inside Job (2010) because it offers viewers a unique insight into gambling’s underworld and it’s not exactly pretty.

Diggstown (1992)

Diggstown is an underrated movie with a simple plot that only ends up being more enjoyable as you move through it. The film stars James Woods, Lou Gossett Jr., and Bruce Dern, who play three small-time crooks who end up landing in a town where any bet can be won if you’re willing to wager enough money. A lot of people dismiss Diggstown because it doesn’t have much of a story. What they fail to realize is that despite its simplicity, there are some solid performances and great action scenes throughout. If nothing else, it’s certainly worth watching just for Gossett Jr.’s acting performance alone. Put on your betting cap and check out Diggstown at your earliest convenience!

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