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If you are a beginner at skateboarding, then you need to know the right skateboard to get. Check out the best skateboards to buy if you are a newbie.

Where can I get the best skateboard for newbies

These days, more and more people choose skateboarding as their mainstream sport as the sport gives the players relaxable moments as well as a lot of benefits for not only physical but also mental aspects. 

For newbies, a good skateboard is crucial. It is regarded as the main factor that will affect their riding experience. A great beginner skateboard will help the players stay away from being injured and help them learn and practice to skate in the easiest way. 

But based on what I have seen, people who have just attended the sport often confuse choosing their first skateboard. In the following parts, we would like to show you tips on choosing a best beginner skateboard. Subscribe SkateAdvisors for more quality posts about skateboarding. 

For commuters

Some skaters use their skateboards as a vehicle to travel to different places, such as to go to work, go to school or go to their friends’ house. 

A longboard is a good choice. This type of skateboard is appropriate for long riding distances. Besides, skaters can also use longboards to practice skating tricks and stunts, or downhill skating. We would like to suggest a good longboard for commuters. It is a Jecolos Pro skateboard. 

The deck of the skateboard has 7 layers which are made of maple. This skateboard deck can carry things or people whose weight is approximately 100 kg. The deck width is 8 inches and the deck length is 31 inches. 

The material of the trucks is steel axle and thick aluminum. The bearings are ABEC-7. The wheels are PU which gives the players a smooth riding experience. Jecolos Pro longboards can be used in both flat and rough terrains. 

With regard to the design, the manufacturers mainly use vintage patterns for the longboard. One Jescolos Pro longboard will cost you roughly 40 dollars. 

For kids

If you are looking for a great beginner skateboard for your kids, you will not want to miss this board. It is Skateboard Dog. The deck width is 6 inches and the deck length is 22.5 inches. The board is able to carry a weight of 200 lb.  

The bearings are ABEC 7. The wheels are made of urethane. A Skateboard Dog will cost you around 20 dollars. 

The second beginner skateboard for kids is PlayWheels Ultimate skateboard. The deck is 9-ply maple. The length of the board is 21 inches. This skateboard deck can carry a weight of 330 pounds. 

The wheels are made of rebound PU. The bearings are ABEC-9. This board follows minimalism; thus, the graphics have the color of black and white. The price for a PlayWheels Ultimate is around 39 dollars. 

For teens and for adults

Age is one of the main criteria that you need to consider before buying a skateboard. In another way, a beginner skateboard for kids is different from a beginner skateboard for teenagers as well as adults. 

A penny board is a good choice. This board is light in weight. The material which the manufacturers use to make is durable plastic. With regard to the price, a penny board has a friendly-budget price which almost all the players are willing to afford. 

You need to check carefully the size of the board in order to have a comfortable one. Nowadays, it is easy and quick to get a skateboard. Just by a click, you can have your own skateboard. 

In my point of view, the WeSkate skateboard is a great option for teens and adult starters. The length of this skateboard is 31 inches and the width is 8 inches. WeSkate skateboard is totally convenient to bring everywhere. 

The skateboard deck has 7 layers made of Canadian maple. Its trucks are made of aluminum which has features of anti-water. Skaters can use the trucks for a long time. About the wheels, manufacturers use the type of 85A PU. The bearings are ABEC 11. All these features will make the WeSkate skateboard an awesome board that is worth paying money for. 

In regard to design, the graphics and images printed on the board tend to be special and bright. The manufacturers use modern printing technology; therefore, you don’t have to be worried that the graphics will fade after a few times of using the board. Besides, there are different graphics which male, female, young and old people can pick their own suitable ones. 

In addition, the design of double kick concaves and warping at both ends will help skaters control the board as well as turn the board easily. Skaters can comfortably do various skating tricks on the WeSkate skateboard. 

Regarding the price, a WeSkate skateboard cost you around 35 dollars, an affordable price for a skateboard. 

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Contacting SkateAdvisors through:

– Phone: (1) 646-707-4551

– Address: 902 Avenue C, Brooklyn, NY 11218, United States

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