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There has been a lot of great NFL teams but which is really the best? Dive into this list of the most dominant NFL teams in the history of the sport!

10 Teams that shaped NFL History

The NFL has long been a crucial part of American culture. Beginning in the 1920s, the game has made history ever since the start. Some key teams have played a significant role in shaping the players that we know today, as well as encouraging impressive sportsmanship, teamwork, and awareness. The athleticism shown by players has and always will be second to none, with many players being in their prime physical form, having been scouted from college leagues. NFL teams are considered elite, and ten of the most significant teams that made the game what it is today have been outlined below. People have always bet on main sporting events, from horse racing to basketball. That’s why you can follow this link to learn more about Fanduel’s NFL point spreads. The key moments in history listed below have been arranged in chronological order to allow easier reading. 

Chicago Bears, 1942

This momentous team made headlines at the time because they did not take mercy on anyone in their way to victory. Known as the most dominant team in the history of the NFL, the Bears consistently won. The 1942 season saw only 84 points lost and finished the season, under a pair of temporary co-coaches, with 11-0. 

Philadelphia Eagles, 1949

Securing their second consecutive NFL championship, the Eagles had no trouble securing their place on the leaderboard with 11-1 in 1949. Players who were fresh back from the war and fueled by a newfound strength channeled their efforts into football. Their young coach loosely disciplined players between war efforts and kept morale up at every opportunity. 

Baltimore Colts, 1968

The Baltimore Colts continued to raise the standard for players. In 1968 the six-time coach led them to victory with 13-1, setting the record for that year. In spite of later being defeated by the New York Jets, the Colts were a graceful team that played remarkably well together. 

Oakland Raiders, 1976 

The 13-1 Super Bowl champions were known as the outlaw biker gang of the NFL that year. Being a team full of headhunters and an offense who studied the playbook, the Raiders found the balance between devastation and discipline and went on to win against the Vikings, Steelers, and New England Patriots. The bold work of the Raiders went on to form the standard of defeat for years to come, with their characters being unmatched for decades. 

San Francisco 49ers, 1984

Securing their best season so far, the San Francisco 49ers finished their 1984 season with a respectable fifteen wins and only a single loss. Although records went on to be broken and players continued to exceed expectations, this season was monumental for highlighting key players. Many were in their prime, and they played impressively together, with high amounts of respect for each other. This season was certainly a momentous occasion to celebrate the high quality of players within the 49ers. 

New York Giants, 1986

Another team that is considered one of the greatest in the NFL is the 1986 New York Giants. These players were pretty vicious and meant war, but it proved beneficial at securing their place on the podium at the Super Bowl. It was this team that started the iconic Gatorade shower after a victorious game. Players were heavy going and tough. Living up to their name, the Giants supplied victory this year and was highly influential across the media and history. 

Dallas Cowboys, 1992 

Finishing their 33rd season in the NFL, the Cowboys made history by being the youngest team in the NFL and for securing their 13-3 record. From offense to defense, this team dominated others in the game and went on to do so in the following years. During the Super Bowl, they crushed the Eagles, as well as making light work of defeating the Bills. This year gained them the nickname “The Wowboys”. 

Denver Broncos, 1998

Having entered that year’s season as defending champions, the Broncos played remarkably well. Players from the previous couple of years are known as some of the NFL’s greatest narrative changers in history. They were successful in ending their losing streak and securing the team’s spot on top of the leaderboard. The Broncos set their record that year and finished the season 14-2. 

Indianapolis Colts,  2006

Continuing their record, the Colts secured their fourth consecutive season winning 12 or more games in 2006. Finally securing their win against the Patriots, the Colts changed the record with their statistically efficient offense helping them win the championship. 

New England Patriots, 2016

This year saw the Patriots living up to their reputation of making comebacks look both graceful and inevitable. They finished the 2016 season with a league-best record of 14-2 and set many records along the way. Their starting quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the season and made headlines with the scandal. However, this proved to be no obstacle for the Patriots who made light work of their opponents and set the standard for future players. 

Of course, some of the teams which haven’t been mentioned also made it into the history books. The Green Bay Packers have consistently led the NFL and been the ones to beat. The star-studded team is regularly making headlines and has historically made the NFL what it is today. With a remarkable group of champions, the Green Bay Packers are an essential part of football and play an important role in setting records. For that reason, there isn’t a specific era of Packers to select because the team has consistently made the leaderboard thanks to their discipline and civilized playing. 

This has been a brief tour of some of the teams that shaped NFL history and made it what we know today. The reputation for players to live up to is getting higher all the time, and the standards of athleticism are always improving. We can’t wait to see what the 2022 season will look like. Check out Fanduel for more information

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