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Sports documentaries, specifically basketball, are a rather unique movie genre. Here are some movies you should watch.

Best Documentaries About Basketball In Netflix

With basketball being at the center of attention for many sports enthusiasts, there is no surprise over its influence on other industries like the music, fashion, and movie industry. Over the years, basketball has created a rather unique culture that many people follow, which led to the increased popularity of sports movies and documentaries.

The sports genre in movies dates back decades, but it seems like the peak of this category of movies is yet to be reached. 

In today’s article, we will focus on sports documentaries, specifically basketball, just because they are a rather unique movie genre that gives you a “behind the curtain look” of the career path of professional basketball players.

It is very exciting and motivating to see your idol and all the problems he or she was facing before becoming successful. 

Without further ado, let’s jump to the list.

The Last Dance

Obviously, the biggest basketball Documentary series involves everybody’s basketball icon, Michael Jordan. For most people, including this list from TwinSpires, Jordan is the best shooting guard of all time (check ranking the greatest NBA shooting guards by TwinSpires).

This is a documentary that will give you an insider look at Jordan’s peak of its career, specifically the 1997-98 season

This is a rather special season, which was the last run to the NBA Finals for the Chicago Bulls. The documentary features original footage, fresh stories from people close to Michael Jordan, and some never-before-heard stories about its career path.

The best thing about The Last Dance is that it was directed in a way that will excite new basketball fans, and act as a throwback for some of the OG basketball fans from that time.

This is one of the best basketball documentaries so far, and the IMBD Rating of 9.1/10 speaks for itself. It is a basketball documentary that every fan must watch.

Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams is the perfect documentary for athletes who are just starting with basketball or for everyone that wants to see how basketball players climb the ladder of success. 

Even though it was released in 1994, it is still a great documentary for every basketball fan. It follows the journey of two high-school students from Chicago (Arthur Agee and Williams Gates) who want to make a career in professional basketball.

This documentary gives us an insider look at all the problems athletes faced at that time such as race, class, education, and the entire American Culture. It is a story about the progression of basketball as a sport and as a career option for young talented players.


Every basketball fan would remember the time of Allen Iverson at its prime. He was a true basketball icon that was featured on every kid’s notebook, poster, and basketball card growing up. Iverson is a documentary that tells the story about this amazing basketball superstar and all the things that came with the fame.

Compared to “The Last Dance”, Iverson is a different type of documentary that focuses more on life rather than just basketball. We can see everything that he experienced from the style of play and training to his fashion and high-end lifestyle that impacted the way the game is played today.

The Other Dream Team

This is a documentary about the advancement of Lithuania’s national basketball team at the 1992 Summer Olympics that went against all odds. On the other hand, we got the fierce USA Dream Team who was a dominant force in basketball.

However, Lithuania’s success came as they won the gold medal and this represented a new political and cultural movement after their split from the Soviet Union. It is a rather interesting documentary that features original content and some interesting interviews with former players.

They’ve also tried to show how European basketball advances and its current state. It is a great documentary that involves a bit of history and amazing players which definitely influenced the sport.

Doin’ It In The Park

Here we have an independent documentary, which is often the most honest since it doesn’t rely on organization funding that might change the story. The documentary focuses on the basketball scene in New York during the summer. 

This is a street basketball documentary, which gives an insider’s look at the culture behind the sport in New York. You’ll definitely learn something new and watch some of the most competitive basketball matches you’ve ever seen.

These are some of the best basketball documentaries on Netflix. Remember not all of them are available in every part of the world, so go ahead and check if they are featured on your channel.

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