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The Good Place

Series Premiere: September 19, 2016
Season Premiere: September 27, 2018

Eleanor Shellstrop wakes up in a utopian afterlife after being hit by a tractor carrying a billboard for erectile dysfunction pills. She’s introduced to Michael, the architect of the highly selective ‘Good Place’, a heaven-like afterlife that only accepts the best of the best. The only problem? Eleanor doesn’t belong there. After leading a crappy life as a morally dubious salesperson, she quickly realises that there’s no way she could possibly belong amongst a crowd of Buddhist monks, activists, and intellectuals. She befriends her alleged soulmate, Chidi, a Nigerian-born ethics professor, and enlists his help to attempt to teach her better morals. Whilst her afterlife is crashing down around her, Eleanor must earn her place amongst Earth’s best and brightest under the watchful eye of Michael (Ted Danson), the seemingly chipper yet mysterious creator behind her unpredictable surroundings.

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