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'RUN' has become the most-watched original film on Hulu in the first week of its release. Get a good understanding of the movie with the ending explained.

An inside look into Hulu’s most-watched original ‘Run’

Hulu has joined the competitors by gaining massive success with its new original ‘RUN’ as Netflix announced its most-watched series ever, Queen’s Gambit, and Prime Video with its entertaining, Borat 2. You can stream Run directly on Hulu or if it’s blocked in your country, you can learn how to watch Hulu in Singapore or anywhere outside the United States with a VPN!

The new newly released thriller movie has set new records, as the most-watched Hulu original ever during the first week of its airing. It has beaten Palm Springs’s summer record and is the most talked-about Hulu title on social media. With RUN’s rewarding success, Its director Aneesh Chaganty now hopes to make on-screen disabilities more common.

Previously decided to be released in May on Mother’s Day event, to fit in with the plot line about an ambiguous relationship between a mother (Diane Sherman) and a sick and disabled teen daughter (Chloe Sherman). But due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was directly released on Hulu on November 20 and became one of the many movies to score high in streaming debut.

The Plot and Characters

The story begins harrowingly in a hospital where Sarah Paulson, as Diane Sherman, gave birth to a sick and disabled child struggling with her life. The title card shows a list of illnesses and disabilities, including asthma, arrhythmia, and diabetes.

The poor mother is sitting aside her child in a wheelchair and is totally unable to do anything for her little child struggling for life. Then after seventeen years, we see Diane living a perfectly balanced and quite happy life with her daughter Chole.

Chloe cannot walk and depends upon her wheelchair for moving around, so Diane looks for her daughter’s needs, grows vegetables in her garden, and cooks meals for her daughter. At the same time, she is her daughter’s only teacher, teaching her physics, biology and english literature etc.

Chloe wants to get admission in the University Of Washington and is eagerly waiting for the admission letter. She is a science enthusiast, as evidenced by the complex engineering projects scattered around in her room. Chloe has been regularly given medication and therapy for her legs.

This is where the twist began when one day Diane came home along with groceries and medicines and her daughter Chloe finds out the terrible secret of her Mom.

The thrill and suspense come in the story as she discovers that the medication she is being given is not prescribed by the doctor and is used to treat pets like dogs for muscle relaxants to reduce canine leg pain or leg discomfort may make your legs go numb.

Chloe attempts to escape home, but her Mom locks her up in her room. After attempting suicide, when Diane was being treated in the hospital, Diane nearly gets away with kidnapping Chloe, but this time, she was shot in the shoulder by the hospital security and then arrested.

In the final scene, Chloe visits her Mom in prison after seven years, and we see her walking through the metal detector on her own. She tells her Mom that she has a husband and a child.

Before leaving, she takes out the medicine hidden inside her mouth containing that pill for dogs which her Mom gives her to make her paralyzed. Diane’s eyes are wide open by seeing that, and she can’t move or talk because of her sick and paralyzed condition.

Ending Explained

It seems Cloe is giving her Mom the same pill to make her sick and paralyzed as a revenge to what her Mom did to her in the past. Also, when she told her Mom about her newly started relationship and a baby, it seems like she has found her biological parents and living a happy and beautiful life.

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