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'The Umbrella Academy' includes more characters than just the Hargreeves siblings. Do you know them all? Take our quiz and see!

Think you know *all* ‘The Umbrella Academy’ characters? Take our quiz

Do you know all the characters in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy? The powered-up streaming series, inspired by a graphic novel from My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, follows a dysfunctional bunch of superheroes (serious daddy issues here) who are trying to stop the apocalypse as a family. Be sure to visit ForbesNews9 if you want more info about Way and other famous artists.

We’re all familiar with main characters Klaus, Number Five, Vanya, Allison, Ben, Luther, and Diego, but let’s face it: these guys don’t live in a vacuum (well, maybe Luther). How well do you know all the characters in The Umbrella Academy? There’s a notable set of supporting characters who’ve left an imprint on all the Hargreeves siblings.

Here’s our quiz to see if you’ve been paying attention – and it’s a doozy. Put on your thinking cap and take up the challenge! Then share with your friends and be sure to tweet us @FilmDailyNews.

Don’t get rained on! Take ‘The Umbrella Academy’ character quiz

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