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Whether you loved or hated 'Star Trek Into Darkness', its plot details must have stuck with you. Set your phaser to stun and take our Khan-tastic quiz!

Try to remember the plot of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ with this quiz

Everybody loves Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, a movie that’s easily considered among the best – maybe even the best – Star Trek movie ever made. However, when it comes to Wrath of Khan’s hip 2013 reimagining Star Trek Into Darkness, public opinion is a lot more divided. Many trekkies love Into Darkness – but just as many hate it.

Regardless of critical consensus, Star Trek Into Darkness was a box office success. That means lovers & haters alike watched it. You’ve watched it, at least once – you wouldn’t have clicked on this quiz otherwise! But do you even remember why you love it or hate it? Set your phasers to stun and find out. Afterwards, share your results with us @FilmDailyNews.

Make the Federation proud with our ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ quiz!

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