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Are you a fan of Russel Crowe's long successful career? See if you can identify which Russell Crowe movies are which from these images and clues.

Can you name these Russell Crowe movies from just one image?

Studly Australian actor Russell Crowe first hit the big time when he starred in the box office sensation Gladiator in 2000, a role which earned him an Oscar at the Academy Awards. His commitment to his art has since afforded him the fame that spans genres, resulting in a rich filmography. 

But do you know your Russell Crowe films as well as you think you do? Test your knowledge to see if you can guess the film from one screenshot and a cryptic quote or clue – no Googling! Be sure to tweet your score to @FilmDailyNews to let us know how well you did!

Put your love of Russell Crowe to the test with our quiz

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