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From classic rock to modern hip-hop, the 'Mr. Robot' soundtrack shines. Here's our quiz dedicated to these epic songs.

Where is My Mind? Why, Film Daily’s ‘Mr. Robot’ S1 music quiz, of course

One reason HBO’s Mr. Robot comes off so cinematic is because its soundtrack is carefully curated. Like all the elements that come together to create a great show (set design, lighting, screenwriting, etc.), the soundtrack is a great tool that not only adds to the atmosphere but can even add to its story. 

From classic rock to modern hip-hop, the Mr. Robot soundtrack shines. Meanwhile, its score creates the eerie atmosphere of its dystopian world by playing with prolonged pitched sounds, cloudy synths, and uneven clicks & metal scrapes.

Our love for both Mr. Robot and its soundtrack gave birth to this quiz. We warn you: it’s only for dedicated music and soundtrack nerds. We focused solely on Mr. Robot’s first season, its best. So get your head right and take one of the hardest quizzes we’ve ever devised. Remember to tweet us your score at @FilmDaily, and we’ll sing your praises (retweet you, really).

Give a man a bank and he can rob the world, give you a 'Mr Robot' quiz and you can conquer it!

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