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Do you think you have what it takes to join Indiana Jones on his adventures? Prove how well you remember the movies by taking our quiz!

Prof. Indy has a pop quiz: Do you know the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies?

Have you watched the Indiana Jones franchise so much that in your dreams you’re swinging from vines, cracking your trusty bullwhip at Nazis, cultists, and anyone else coming between you and sacred, dangerous artifacts? If so, you’re probably the savviest archaeologist around, fit to join Indiana on all his whirlwind adventures. 

Spielberg & Lucas creation Indiana Jones has captured the imagination since Raiders of the Lost Ark swung into movie theaters in 1981. Following the adventures of 1930s archaeologist Jones (Harrison Ford) absconding with dangerous artifacts like the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail to keep them out of the hands of megalomaniacs trying to take over the world.

But do you know everything about the Indiana Jones movie series? Prove your knowledge of plot points and behind-the-scenes trivia below in our quiz. Also, don’t forget to share your results with us @FilmDailyNews on Twitter before you roll out!  

BUTTON TEXT: Is it snakes?

Can you discover the legendary treasure? Take a crack at our ‘Indiana Jones’ quiz

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