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'Why RU?' redefines the meaning of the phrase “chaotically gay". At the very center of it all emerge Tutor (Saint Suppapong) & Fighter (Zee Pruk Panich).

‘Why RU?’: All the reasons we ‘ship Tutor and Fighter

The BL (boy love) series coming out of Thailand right now are all the rage. If you’re into that kind of thing, chances are you’ve been watching Why RU?. Set in the same universe as TharnType: The Series, the characters of both shows all attend the same university in Bangkok. Tharn (Mew Suppasit) & Type (Gulf Kanawut) even make a cameo in Why RU?.

Why RU? redefines the meaning of the phrase “chaotically gay”: a lot is going on. The show hosts a bunch of overly dramatic girls causing all kinds of problems, and three BL ships that really take their sweet time getting their business together. 

At the very center of it all emerge Tutor (Saint Suppapong) & Fighter (Zee Pruk Panich). Both in the same faculty, it’s clear that Tutor seems at least somewhat aware of his feelings for Fighter from the beginning, but it takes Fighter a moment to work through the complexities of what that means for the two boys. 

It’s obvious that the Tutor & Fighter relationship has clearly surpassed the other two ships on the show to position themselves as the leading couple, and honestly, we’re not complaining. They even got a whole episode to themselves last week. Apart from the fact that Saint Suppapong & Zee Pruk Panich are equal parts adorable & equal parts smoking hot, their onscreen relationship is one we can’t stop watching. 

Tutor comes from a disadvantaged family life. He is soft in nature, extremely hard working & very level headed. Fighter on the other hand is more emotional & impulsive and comes from quite a wealthy home situation. The boys seem to share very little in common initially, except the spark that exists between them. 

So what is it about Tutor & Fighter that has fans flocking to this show, eagerly awaiting the release of new episodes each week? Come with us while we journey through the greatness that is Tutor & Fighter. 

Tutor & Fighter: a healthy depiction of an LGBTQ relationship

In the beginning, Tutor & Fighter’s interactions are fraught with tension. Anyone with eyes though, can clearly see that it’s not really animosity, but actually fire-hot sexual tension that seems to be confusing both of them quite a lot. Their relationship, for at least a couple of episodes, is quite literally all over the place. 

Tutor & Fighter have fleeting moments of understanding & tenderness, but they’re also mixed in with some pretty hostile moments that clearly show that these two boys don’t really know what to make of the feelings stirring inside of them. Then Fighter starts dating Tutor’s best friend, who happens to be a girl, and Tutor realizes he’s jealous. 

Although that goes on for a while, Tutor starts to pick up on the fact that Fighter is actually into him, and not HwaHwa (Janister Pomphadungcheep). In episode 3, Fighter lashes out and kisses Tutor. While not exactly romantic or well received, it is the start of the shift in their relationship. The animosity disappears and Fighter begins doting on Tutor. 

By episode 6 they’re making out and touching each other in places that friends just don’t go. This is where viewers really start to see the healthy dynamics that these two boys form shine through. They’re very supportive of each other, and we often see Fighter stepping up to help Tutor through hard times, of which Tutor seems to have often. He does this without being asked, and expects nothing in return. 

Tutor & Fighter are tender, affectionate & careful with each other. They talk about their feelings rationally & honestly, and there are several examples of Fighter asking for consent before moving in on physical territory. They set boundaries, and they stick to them. 

Although the show is still airing, so far their relationship is not fraught with any of the negative relationship issues that tend to cloud BL dramas. There’s no physical aggression or violence between Tutor & Fighter, all physical acts between them are mutual & consensual, and there is no homophobia in sight – not from either of the boys, nor from anyone else around them. 

Tutor & Fighter dote on each other, they care for each other and they love each other. Even more than that, neither of them has any issue saying ‘I love you’. The world needs more positive LGBTQ representations like Tutor & Fighter on its television screens. 

Tutor & Fighter’s chemistry is next-level

With many other BL dramas, the physical chemistry between the actors is often clunky & awkward. This is definitely not the case with Tutor & Fighter. Their physical chemistry will leave you breathless. From the very beginning of the series, even through all the tension, whenever they’re on screen together, their sexual chemistry oozes through the screen. 

Even before Tutor & Fighter work out how they feel about each other, their body language and the way they look at each other is impossible to ignore. Viewers can tell they want each other badly, even before they realize it themselves. 

Tutor & Fighter’s kisses are always incredibly passionate and loaded with so much feeling. When they kiss, it almost feels as if we’re invading on their private time. It’s impossible to look away though, because Tutor & Fighter are the very epitome of hot. 

Hats off to Saint Suppapong and Zee Pruk Panich for their hard work on their character development & chemistry. The world thanks you greatly!

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Let’s talk about episode 9. We feel like it’s impossible to analyze the very best parts of Tutor & Fighter without talking about that firecracker sex scene they gave fans at the end of episode 9. It left us positively speechless. 

In episode 9, Fighter takes Tutor to the beach with the intention of romancing Tutor into being his boyfriend. The entire episode is focussed solely on them & the whole thing was perfection. 

Tutor & Fighter do all kinds of cute things together: take naps, explore the Island, eat romantic candle-lit dinners (yes, boys do that too), and hang out on the beach.  Tutor tells Fighter that he hasn’t felt so happy in such a long time & he attributes Fighter as the reason for his happiness. Cue romantic violins here, please. 

It becomes pretty clear to each of them that Tutor & Fighter want to be together and by the end of the episode they’re ready to rip each other’s clothes off. So they do! And oh my god it is so intense. It’s almost ten minutes long & leaves nothing to the imagination. 

Their signature passionate kisses make an appearance again, but that isn’t really what makes it so hot. It’s Tutor’s come-hither bedroom eyes, Fighter’s moaning & groaning, and the frenzied removal of clothing that will leave you unable to look away. Then they get in the bathtub afterwards & declare their love for each other and the whole darn thing is just so romantic. 

We’re going out on a limb here & believe that this could be one of the most, if not the most well put together, passionate & intense sex scenes the BL industry has ever produced. 

Saint Suppapong & Zee Pruk Panich’s off-screen relationship is solid

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’re absolutely positive that the chemistry between Tutor & Fighter is so strong because the actors who play them seem to have a really solid off-screen relationship, as well. Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll see what we mean. 

During interviews, the pair can often be found teasing each other and flirting playfully together. Zee Pruk Panich often talks about how much he wants to kiss Saint Suppapong. In Behind the Scenes footage, this is a common occurrence. They’re definitely handsy with one another, and touch each other frequently. 

However, more than that, it really does seem like Suppapong & Panich have developed a genuine friendship built on trust & they enjoy each other very much. It seems like they spend a lot of time together outside of work, and we’re here for it! 

We’re excited to see where Tutor & Fighter’s relationship goes as Why RU? progresses. While we’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of episode 10 this week, why don’t you drop us a comment below and tell us what you love about this couple!

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