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One of the biggest international projects on Netflix in 2018 was 'Lust Stories', a film focused on four women and their desires in their own relationships.

Why you should watch ‘Lust Stories’

Netflix is a powerhouse of new content. Between the over 700 Netflix Originals dropped on the service in 2018 and the purchase of half the billboards on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, world domination is in sight. And that means a wealth of domestic and international content is at your fingertips to stream.

So many of the most popular shows on U.S. Netflix are hits from overseas. Bringing familiar themes into a new world and language interests viewers. One of the biggest cultures getting a boost from Netflix’s vast library is the Bollywood film scene. 

Not only has Indian cinema been given a platform in front of millions of U.S. viewers, but Netflix is also producing its fair share of Hindi content. One of the biggest international projects on Netflix in 2018 was the anthropology film Lust Stories, a Hindi film focused on four women and their desires in their respective relationships.

We fell in love with the beautiful stories being told across the four parts of the sleeper hit. There are so many pieces to love – so here are the best reasons why you should check out Lust Stories on Netflix.

Each part is directed by a Hindi powerhouse.

Four of the biggest names in Indian cinema come together to create Lust Stories. Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, and Dibakar Banerjee worked together previously on the 2013 anthropology film Bombay Talkies, honoring 100 years of Indian cinema. Each director creates a short film individually to his or her custom film style, yet they flow well together in one film.

Especially noteworthy is Zoya Akhtar, who started her career working under other directors until she finally broke out in 2009 with Lucky By Chance. Since then her success has only grown and is a perfect example of the power female directors have in cinema. 

Not every love story is a happy ending.

So often we hear about happy endings, even when it’s not healthy for the couple to stay together. Lust Stories doesn’t give every woman a happily-ever-after with her partner, but when it does, it’s because the relationship isn’t healthy. 

Take for example Sudhaa’s storyline. In private, Ajit (her boss) is kind and loving towards her, but in front of his family, he disrespects her. Even when an arranged wife is brought to his home, he follows his parents’ wishes and refuses to stand up for her love. Sudhaa finally comes to terms with her worth and treats him as solely her boss.

Female sexuality is discussed in an honest light.

One of the biggest taboos in Indian culture is sexuality, rarely discussed in Hindi films. Lust Stories takes the subject and not only shines a light on it but specifically on females and their sexual desire. Lust Stories demonstrates how important it is for females to feel satisfied, how they aren’t there solely for male pleasure.

In particular, Karan Johar’s story features a scene involving a vibrator Megha is using. That scene in particular was praised by critics; women pleasuring themselves have often been looked down upon in Hindi cinema critique. Lust Stories opened the door to a frank discussion on women and self-pleasure.

The female characters have different careers, yet are treated equally.

Instead of making all four lead women housewives or stay-at-home mothers, Lust Stories features women in professional careers, single women, women in committed relationships, and even a woman having an affair. Yet all four are portrayed as deserving the sexual satisfaction they seek. 

It would have been easy to paint a picture of a wife taking control in the bedroom, but Lust Stories chooses to tell four unique stories. Each story speaks to a different population of women, reminding them of their self-worth and their right to a positive sexual lifestyle.

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