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The Top 5 Must Watch Virtual Reality Movies

Innovative technology such as trading platforms like immediate edge or cutting edge technology like virtual reality immerses its users in a whole new level of entertainment. And right now, VR is making its way into a variety of sectors, including healthcare and the future of gaming, and nobody is wondering what it will have to offer in the near future.

You ought to have watched a few films about virtual reality or a virtual world that can also help you learn a lot about important life skills like trading using immediate edge. Some examples of films that in some way or another introduced us to virtual reality include the Matrix trilogy, Tron, and Gamer. Another recent film, “Ready Player One,” showed us an universe that can completely immerse a large number of players with a VR headset.

Rest assured that is not currently true! However, with a virtual reality headset, you may effortlessly immerse yourself in these films. Yes, although it may sound futuristic, some movies that you may not be familiar with may be seen on a virtual reality headset. Let’s first learn about virtual reality, though.

  1. Dunkirk: Save Every Breath – The Dunkirk VR Experience

the first film on the list, with a fictional Christopher Nolan as director. Watching Dunkirk in virtual reality is a fantastic cinematic experience. You will simultaneously experience three separate things because of its World War II theme. The 360-degree World War II action will astound you. Try it; it’s worth it.

  1. The Conjuring 2: Enfield 360 Experience

Witness a fantastic horror film from director James Wan. One of the scariest movies to see is the second installment of the horror film series The Conjuring, which is based on true events. Use a virtual reality headset to enhance your experience and take this spooky adventure in 360 degrees.

  1. Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis

Fairness Works reached the third position with a large collection of accolades in our possession. The narrative takes place in North America and is based on a tragic refugee story. War, criminality, and extreme emotions leave you speechless and bring tears to your eyes. You can experience everything as it has been happening to you using virtual reality. The creators did a fantastic job, and you will literally feel it.

  1. The Invisible Man

Another work of art features The Invisible Man in the middle of a dialogue between four people. Crime, action, and suspense abound in the narrative. They fight to escape a dealer to whom they owe a debt for the duration of the film. The dealer offers to play Russian roulette to settle the deal.

  1. IT: Float

The biggest horror film ever produced, with outstanding acting, a spooky clown, and a compelling narrative. It is complete. The most terrifying horror in 360.

These were the top virtual reality movies that were accessible. In addition to these, there are further virtual reality services and apps that provide additional movies for VR headsets. You should try virtual reality once because it is an immersive experience.


The entertainment sector was severely affected by the Pandemic, and theaters were closed for over a year. On the other hand, the lack of entertainment options at home makes individuals more interested in virtual reality. Additionally, Netflix released NetflixVR and applications like Bigscreen, a VR software solution that increased the demand for VR headsets. If you fall into this category, we have some incredible movies that you can watch while sitting or standing in the comfort of your home.

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