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'Tuca and Bertie' scores a season 3 renewal on Adult swim. Celebrate with the fans by looking over these Twitter reactions.

‘Tuca and Bertie’ is back: When can you watch on Adult Swim?

Adult Swim is not joking around when giving love to its rescued show, Tuca and Bertie. The animated series, which stars Tiffany Haddish & Ali Wong, as the titular anthropomorphic bird besties finally debuted its second season on Adult Swim. With it, the rescue from the cancellation pile of former Netflix series has been all the love and praise that it so rightly deserves.

On top of all of this, Tuca and Bertie has proven to be such a catch for Adult Swim that the series has scored season 3. Take that, Netflix! With the renewal in the bag and more Tuca and Bertie coming into our lives in the future. Let’s dive in to see the fan reactions from Twitter, who are surely celebrating the news.


Celebrate good times, c’mon!

Can you hear the fandom sing? 


How do you know, show? 

Wow, Tuca and Bertie goes right into the feelings.


Sweet validation

Bet’cha hate yourself now, Netflix.


Second wind

Proof that some shows don’t deserve cancellation.


Yah did good, Adult Swim

Seriously though, go watch the show.


We all need more of this

An adult animated show about emotional honesty and not being afraid to get real about it? Yes.


The vibe over Tuca and Bertie rn




Just pleasure over this simple fact.


A simple truth being true

Go watch it.


Look at this news! It’s the best! 

Seriously, this is how everyone is right now over the renewal.

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